Victoria Park II Classy and Modern Home Interior

For a cozy home that will make you feel like royalty from the Victorian era, the Victoria Park II by Design & That, is a stunning home suited for the classy and modern person.

Cool And Muted Colors

With an air of elegance, the living room feels relaxing and cozy with neutral colors all around.

Meanwhile, both the kitchen and the bathroom feature bold colors that create a feeling of calmness by using cool colors.

Repurposed Fireplace

A creative way of decorating a fireplace that will not be used anymore is to add little trinkets and even put a pile of books inside. This is a fresh and interesting way of adding personality to the living room.


Stunning Kitchen

The black paint in the kitchen creates a more modern look that instantly makes the whole place more striking.

The black cupboards create a perfect balance against the muted gray walls, making the whole kitchen feel strikingly modern.


Classic Elements With Modern Touch

While this house certainly brings an era of an older period, there are modern elements incorporated in the interior design such as the low sofas which are common in modern homes and the abundance of modern art placed on different parts of the house.

Minimalist Plants

To add a little color to the place, plants with dark green leaves are placed in minimalistic vases and put in different parts of the living room. One of the plants cascades down the shelf creating an interesting decor. A pot of cactus is also placed right to the faucet in the kitchen to add some greenery to the room.

Wide Windows

During the daylight, the windows are wide open and not hindered by heavy curtains to allow sunlight to flood and light up the whole place. This creates a warmer feeling to the living room, making it look more alive.

Melina Divani

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