Transitional Interior Design With An Eclectic Mix of Contemporary and Antique Pieces

Transitional interior design is an approach that uses elements from both modern and traditional styles. It is not a specific design style but rather a way of thinking about how to combine the best features of each style. This means that there is no single set of rules for transitional interior design. Instead, it is more like a philosophy than a strict rule book. If you are looking for a new look in your home or office then this could be just what you need. Transitional interior design can help you create a space with a fresh feel and one which will make you want to spend time there.

Yael Weiss expertly curates transitional interior design with an eclectic mix of contemporary and antique pieces sourced from all over the globe. With a keen understanding of the range of sentiments that we attach to furniture, art and decorative objects, Yael approaches each project with a conscientious touch.

Transitional Interior Design Ideas


What are the elements of transitional design?

The key elements of transitional interior design include:

•Muted colour palette

This includes soft colours such as cream, light grey and pastel shades. You may also use natural materials such as wood, stone and leather. These muted tones work well together because they don’t compete with each other. They complement each other instead.

•Natural textures

You can use textured fabrics, carpets and rugs to add texture to your room. Natural textures have a calming effect on people. This means that if you choose a carpet or rug with a patterned design, you won’t find yourself staring at it all day long. The patterns will distract you instead.

•Elements of nature

Nature has been used extensively by designers over the years. For example, you might use plants, flowers and trees in your living room. You could even use real leaves or grasses as part of your decor. Elements of nature give a sense of calmness and peace. They are relaxing and soothing.

•Traditional furniture

Furniture that was popular in the past can still be found today. If you want to incorporate some old-fashioned pieces into your home, you should consider using them. Traditional furniture is often very comfortable and easy to live with. You can buy these items in antique shops, flea markets and second-hand stores.


Artwork can play an important role in any room. The artwork gives your space character and personality. It helps define your taste. You can hang artworks on walls, shelves or even floors. There are many different types of artwork available. Some examples include paintings, photographs, sculptures and prints.

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How do you create a transitional design?

To create a transitional design in your home or office, you first need to decide what kind of mood you would like to achieve. Is it a calm atmosphere where everyone feels relaxed? Or is it a lively environment where you want to entertain friends and family? Once you know what type of mood you want to create, you can start planning your design.


A transitional interior design creates a feeling of harmony between modern and traditional styles. This means that you can mix and match various elements from both styles. You can use furniture from both eras and you can combine modern and traditional décor.

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