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Traditional Home Decor Interiors

Like fashion, decor has cycles of what’s popular. But we always seem to come back to traditional home decor. There seems to be a deep yearning for it in our souls. But why is this? Well, on a surface level it’s comforting. it has an almost intrinsic beauty, and traditional decor is timeless, you aren’t taking any risks.


One theory is it’s simply nostalgia. Life in the 21st century is so fast; it’s streamlined for efficiency, not beauty. Years of contemporary decor have worn us out. So people have a vague nostalgia about ‘the past’, which manifests itself in a yearning for traditional decor. This certainly may play a role, but it’s not the whole story.

Too Much Choice

Another theory is there are too many styles to choose from. Too much choice is overwhelming. So instead of wading through all the new styles, people will just stick to what they know, which is often traditional interior designs. This happened before the 1980s traditional revival which was in part a backlash to the crazy innovations in decor in the 1960s and 1970s. And there are parallels to this today.

Tried and Tested

In contrast to endless innovation that produces more eyesores than masterpieces, traditional decor is tried and tested. There is a reason traditional decor lasts. Style and beauty endure while the experiments are left behind. And in a world of ever-changing styles, you don’t want to decorate your home with something that will look dated in a few years; traditional decor remedies this worry.

The popularity of traditional decor on social media (sites like Instagram and Pinterest) has also increased the interest in traditional decor. And when it comes to things like design preferences, people are quite impressionable. So the popularity of period dramas may also be a contributing factor. The internet also shows people that you don’t have to be a millionaire to have a traditional home interior, which may also be a contributing factor to its popularity.

Expanded definition

Traditional home interiors may also be popular as more styles now fit under the ‘traditional decor’ banner. When more styles are considered traditional, the general public is more likely to find things they like within the category, so the category becomes more popular. And it’s more acceptable to mix old with new, so this also contributes to traditional decor’s popularity.

Images: Douglas VanderHorn Architects

Douglas VanderHorn Architects comprises highly dedicated associates with specialties ranging from Classical architecture and historic preservation.

While the firm has been involved with over 250 successful projects in various parts of the country, Douglas VanderHorn Architects continues to focus on opportunities to craft beautiful traditional residences in Connecticut and New York.


The reason we yearn for traditional decor is likely a combination of nostalgia and popularity, and that it’s tried and tested, and there’s too much choice now. But one thing we do know is beauty endures. So it’s unlikely traditional decor is going to go away. And if it does, it won’t be for long!

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