Totally Original Wooden Clutch Bag

Totally Original Wooden Clutch Bag

A totally original clutch by Tesler Mendelovitch. Handmade extra-large clutch constructed from 100% rosewood which is a richly hued wood with deep red and brown tones and a beautiful grain. The tree is endemic to the coastal Brazilian Atlantic Forest. The fragrant wood and red color inspired the name. Rosewood has become scarce all over the world which is why we do our best to design timeless pieces that will last a lifetime.

Rosewood has a strong sweet smell that is reminiscent of the fragrance of roses. The oil content of the wood is also very high and this oil has made it desirable for use as an essential oil for use in fragrance cosmetics and for medicines.

A boldly designed piece of wearable art with an architectural form, the larger clutch makes a striking visual statement even from a distance. Hand made with carefully selected wood and grain of the highest quality, the purses are lightweight and feature a comfortable grip with a generously spacious interior.

Featuring a hidden magnetic clasp that closes softly and silently, the geometric underbelly of the clutch provides flexibility and softness for a comfortable grip while the surface is sturdy and wear-resilient. The lining is made of black dyed leather. Each clutch is individually and meticulously hand crafted to a high quality standard and packaged in its own handmade wooden case.  You can order it here.

Totally Original Wooden Clutch Bag 2 Totally Original Wooden Clutch Bag 3 Totally Original Wooden Clutch Bag 4 Totally Original Wooden Clutch Bag 5

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