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Trend Alert: Hoodie And Heels

Hoodie - Sweatshirt & Heels

For a long time it was considered that hoodie and heels just didn’t go well together. What a mistake! Good news is that today you don’t have to give up on either of them. You can wear your hoodie-sweatshirt and heels at the same time and look very stylish! (more…)

Top 12 Greek Flat Sandals

bohemian chic leather sandal with multicolor woven straps

I know most of you are thinking of taking Celine-inspired silhouettes and tartan trousers this summer, but there is something classy about buying a pair of Greek sandals instead. These type of sandals are the new must-have accessory because they have made an astonishing comeback. During the ancient times, the...

Totally Original Wooden Clutch Bag

Totally Original Wooden Clutch Bag

A totally original clutch by Tesler Mendelovitch. Handmade extra-large clutch constructed from 100% rosewood which is a richly hued wood with deep red and brown tones and a beautiful grain. The tree is endemic to the coastal Brazilian Atlantic Forest. The fragrant wood and red color inspired the name. Rosewood has...

Top 20 Fashion Ear Cuffs

ear cuffs

A staple in the late 1980s and 1990s jewelry with a music twist, ear cuffs have made a glorious comeback in today's fashion, taking the centerstage in the ever-changing world of accessories. From minimalist, delicate and stylish designs to more extravagant, opulent, eye-catching yet tasteful designs, ear cuffs are the...

42 Best Crossbody Bags

CARVEN Orange Small Mahler Bag

  This is my first fashion post. I want to buy a small crossbody bag and I've done a lot of research. Are you considering getting a crossbody bag and don't know which one to splurge on? I think I might be able to help you with this dilemma! From casual to...