The 7 Best Spring 2023 Fashion Trends

The 7 Best Spring 2023 Fashion Trends

Are you getting excited for the spting season? Spring is here the and with it comes some of the freshest fashion choices! This year, spring trends are taking a bold turn – away from traditional fabrics and designs, to more modern styling that makes a statement. It's all about pushing...

Trend Alert: Hoodie And Heels

Hoodie - Sweatshirt & Heels

For a long time it was considered that hoodie and heels just didn’t go well together. What a mistake! Good news is that today you don’t have to give up on either of them. You can wear your hoodie-sweatshirt and heels at the same time and look very stylish! (more…)

Top 12 Greek Flat Sandals

bohemian chic leather sandal with multicolor woven straps

I know most of you are thinking of taking Celine-inspired silhouettes and tartan trousers this summer, but there is something classy about buying a pair of Greek sandals instead. These type of sandals are the new must-have accessory because they have made an astonishing comeback. During the ancient times, the...

Totally Original Wooden Clutch Bag

Totally Original Wooden Clutch Bag

A totally original clutch by Tesler Mendelovitch. Handmade extra-large clutch constructed from 100% rosewood which is a richly hued wood with deep red and brown tones and a beautiful grain. The tree is endemic to the coastal Brazilian Atlantic Forest. The fragrant wood and red color inspired the name. Rosewood has...

Top 20 Fashion Ear Cuffs

ear cuffs

A staple in the late 1980s and 1990s jewelry with a music twist, ear cuffs have made a glorious comeback in today's fashion, taking the centerstage in the ever-changing world of accessories. From minimalist, delicate and stylish designs to more extravagant, opulent, eye-catching yet tasteful designs, ear cuffs are the... Protection Status