Trend Alert: Hoodie And Heels

For a long time it was considered that hoodie and heels just didn’t go well together. What a mistake! Good news is that today you don’t have to give up on either of them. You can wear your hoodie-sweatshirt and heels at the same time and look very stylish!

The new era of a hoodie and heels style

Hoodie-sweatshirt is comfy and easy to combine. In the past, it was reserved for sport and leisure activities, but not anymore! Today, we can see hundreds of people wear one and follow the latest fashion trend! Also, we should thank the celebrities who have shown to the world that hoodies can be feminine and sophisticated. Today, feel free to wear them anywhere, even to work. (Unless you work in an office with very strict dress code.)

Image: Janelle Marie Lloyd

The goal is to make a nice combination that would look beautiful and stylish. We suggest you match your hoodie-sweatshirt with a nice pair of jeans and your favorite heels. Heels are the final touch that would give you a special look. That way you are going to show to the world that you want to look good and feel good at the same time. Old fashion rules do not apply anymore.

If your hoodie is colorful or it has print, we suggest you opt for a neutral pair of dark jeans and black heels. On the other hand, if you choose hoodie-sweatshirt in pastel colors, you can combine it with a beige pair of heels. Pastel pink or pastel green are the most popular colors this season.

Image: Scarlet Clothing

Image: aufeminine

If your hoodie-sweatshirt is simple, one-colored (for example dark blue, black or white) that gives you endless opportunities to play with details. You can wear it with your most bright pair of heels, for a nice contrast. If you have colorful or printed heels that are difficult to combine – this is something for you! Choose a neutral hoodie and a pair of jeans! Your heels are the detail that would make the combination complete!

Where can you wear a sweatshirt-heels combination?

These combinations are perfect for occasions when you want to look casual and elegant at the same time. It could be anything: shopping with friends, going put, party or even date. It is perfect for women who are not afraid to show their true personality to the world. Every girl has two sides: one glamorous that loves high heels, and other that just wants to be comfy and feel pretty in whatever she is wearing. The new trend gives you an opportunity to be both at the same time.

We can finally wear two things we love the most at the same time!

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