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A staple in the late 1980s and 1990s jewelry with a music twist, ear cuffs have made a glorious comeback in today’s fashion, taking the centerstage in the ever-changing world of accessories. From minimalist, delicate and stylish designs to more extravagant, opulent, eye-catching yet tasteful designs, ear cuffs are the latest fashion trend, boasting an unexpected bling dimension that takes jewelry extravaganza to the next level. As a matter in fact, these charmingly edgy, delightfully fun and attention-demanding accessories have never been bling-“ear”! Obviously, when it comes to bling-bling, no one can pull it off better than our role models making up the Hollywood glam-and-fab galaxy of stars.

The A-list celebrities we look up to everyday for inspiration have been “all ears” since these dazzling fashion accessories have found their way back into our lifestyle and, true to their label as trend-setters in fashion, a veritable “who’s who” in the effervescent world of entertainment are literally rocking out on the glitzy red carpet. As the designer catwalk shows, fashion icons and style elite increasingly continue to rediscover and revamp the edgy, exciting and eye-popping ear cuff and secure its place into mainstream fashion, our fascination with this accessory that was once a trademark of punk and grunge aficionados knows no precedent. It is undeniable that the celebrity mystique had its role in putting the easy-to-wear ear cuff on the mainstream map, but the convenience of wearing this ear adornment had its fair share of impact on the tremendous popularity it now enjoys.

Aside from the impressive variety of designs, styles and sizes available on the market, what has sparked an interest in these trendy and fun ear jewelry items is their practicality. For instance, as opposed to fashionable chandelier earrings, that can weigh down pierced ears, these pieces of jewelry put little pressure on the ear, because they rest comfortably on the outer edge of the ear and more importantly, do not require to be pierced through the ear, adding more to their appeal. After all, who said that pretty hurts? In a way, these jewelry pieces are a cooler and more glamorous version of clip-ons and they can stylishly draw attention to your precious hair and facial features.

From understated, simple and classy arcs to more elaborate, massive and show-stopping pieces, featuring precious metals and gems ( oh, those diamonds!), our favorite Hollywood gals are now donning exquisite designer ear cuffs at awards galas, movie premieres and even when running errands. If you live on celebrity fascination, then follow this latest trend in the enthralling world of fashion and get inspired by these glamorous and one-of-a-kind, sparking fashion accessories I have handpicked especially for you. Revel in my Top 20 red carpet-inspired ear cuffs and discover new, fashion-forward possibilities to make a statement and awe your audience with your exquisite sense of style, while having fun with it!

black ear cuffs earrings

1.Flower Ear Cuff Black Zircon, $96.00. This is one of my favorite. It’s so stylish! The Flower Ear Cuff  is crafted from blackened silver and embellished with delicate black cz stones. The flowers motif appears to wrap itself along the ear so is showcased best when your hair is worn up.

ear cuff

2. Handmade Crystal Rhinestone Ear Cuff, $125.00. Fun, flirty, and an all around beautiful piece. It’s notable, but not overwhelming. Definitely a conversation starter.

New and vintage Swarovski rhinestones are set in a handmade setting.

ear cuff 2

3. Antiqued Bronze Spike Charms ear cuff and Extra Antiqued Bronze chain earring With Antiqued Bronze Spike Charms, $15.95. The entire lenght of the ear cuff earring from the ear wire to the end of the Spike Charm measure about 60mm, the length of other earring is about 80mm. This asymmetrical design makes this earrings very charming

Ileana Makri Ear Cuff

4. Ileana Makri Ear Cuff, 18kt rose gold single ear cuff with blue sapphires, brown and black diamonds, and tsavorites € 2.115. 

Ileana Makri is a reliable purveyor of stand-out fine jewellery. We love this 18kt rose gold ear cuff, which – to be worn only on one ear – will make for a striking final note to an evening ensemble. Shimmer and sparkle courtesy of the encrusted diamonds, sapphires and tsavorites. Be sure to opt for an up-do to show off the intricate design.

Gold Black Stone Ear Cuff

5. Gold Black Stone Ear Cuff, $34.90.

Make me happy ear cuff

6. Make Me Happy Ear Cuff, $9.80.

Adia Kibur Crystal Chain Ear Cuff

7. Adia Kibur Crystal Chain Ear Cuff, $25.00. This Adia Kibur ear cuff gains sparkle from an array of elegant crystals.

Boho Chic Floral Gold Ear Cuff

8. Boho Chic Floral Gold Ear Cuff, $50.00. This magical ear cuff is perfect to create a unique fairy look. Wraps around your ear with a bouquet of flowers decorating it all along, with a smaller earring for the other side to complete the look.

Ear cuff with lace

9. Ear Cuff With Lace, $33.90. This black lace ear cuff is a perfect accessory for short hair, or to wear with an updo! Very rock & grunge!

Adia Kibur Crystal Left Ear Crawler & Stud

10. Adia Kibur Crystal Left Ear Crawler & Stud, $30.00. A mismatched pair of Adia Kibur earrings. Crystals shine from the tiny stud and curved ear crawler.

Ear Pin - Ooh La La Mini - Sterling Silver or 14k Gold Filled

11. Ear Pin – Ooh La La Mini – Sterling Silver or 14k Gold Filled, $48.00+.

DANNIJO Bitsy Faux Pearl & Shark Tooth Ear Cuff

12. DANNIJO Bitsy Faux Pearl & Shark Tooth Ear Cuff, $145.00.

Beautiful angel wing ear cuff earring

13. Beautiful Angel Wing Ear Cuff Earring, $15.00.

Wings Silver 925 With 18K Black Gold Vermeil Ear Cuffs

14. Wings Silver 925 With 18K Black Gold Vermeil Ear Cuffs, $80.00. This exquisite black gold vermeil jewellery piece will bring a hard-hitting edge to your evening repertoire. Opulently embellished with red and white cz stones , it’s designed to sit over and around the ear. Sweep hair back to show it at its best.

dazzling swarovski ear cuffs

15. Dazzling Swarovski Ear Cuffs, $49.00. A simple yet stunning pair of ear cuffs with swarovski crystals.

crystal stars ear cuff

16. Crystal Stars Ear Cuff, $11.00. This earring is a delightful combination of cute and pretty.

Jules Smith "Deco" Gold-Plated Rhinestone Ear Cuff

17. Jules Smith “Deco” Gold-Plated Rhinestone Ear Cuff, $21.25 .  Gina Nigrelli, designer behind Jules Smith, a vintage-inspired jewelry collection, is at the forefront of modernizing accessory trends from the 1970’s and 80’s. Her pieces are influenced by the strength and style of the iconic women of those trend-setting decades.

Rhinestone Ear Cuff Set

18. Rhinestone Ear Cuff Set, $5.80. This set of two earcuffs feature a rhinestoned zigzag pattern; great for adding a little edge to any outfit.


19. Stargirl Ear Adornment Set, $38.00. Take your earring game to the next level with this collection of delicate, crystal-touched ear embellishments. Wear one solo for a subtle look, or pile them on for something a touch edgier.

Pastel&gold feather ear cuff

20. Pastel & Gold Feather Ear Cuff, $50.00. An easy way to add a touch of tribal to your look, this feathered ear cuff boasts five dangling goose feathers that lay behind your ear. The original feather ear cuff was inspired by the Native American’s headdresses.

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