Timeless Quality House In India

green house interiors by Hiren Patel Architects

Timeless quality house in India named The Green House designed by Hiren Patel Architects.

Being sustainability is main principle; this house executes the spaces and functions at its best by amalgamation of Technology and Architectural Features.

Ramp leads to formal living room amidst frangipani unlike other houses in area. Dining space-facing ‘Buddha Court’ connects formal living space and Family room. Family room having big openings and plantation surroundings makes it most desirable space in house. Ground floor accommodates formal living room, family room, Kitchen and Dining as well as prayer room.

Two bedrooms and a music room are situated on the first floor while the son’s bedroom; a gymnasium and open terrace are on the second floor. In the bedrooms, the ceilings have been elevated to allow light. The use of locally available materials is encouraged and designers are required to use materials that are not harmful to the workers involved in the construction.

One of the requirements of LEED is energy efficiency. The house is designed to maximize on natural light while also focusing on heat reduction. The external façade of the house makes this immediately apparent. The unique design of the wooden screen n the exterior allows sunlight into the house while blocking the interior from view and keeping it cool by casting shadows that change through the course of the day. The exterior design is similar to it but not quite like the ‘jarokhas’ and ‘jallis’ of traditional Indian houses.

Basic principles of Architecture have been applied to the house and use of art & art-objects make the spaces of ‘timeless’ quality.

Architecture, Interior & Landscape Design is done by HPA, thus synchronized well with each other.

green house 2 interiors by Hiren Patel Architects


green house 3 interiors by Hiren Patel Architects


green house 4 interiors by Hiren Patel Architects


green house 5 interiors by Hiren Patel Architects


green house 6 interiors by Hiren Patel Architects


green house 7 interiors by Hiren Patel Architects


green house 8 by Hiren Patel Architects


green house 9 by Hiren Patel Architects

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