Pretty Adorable and Stylish Italian Apartment

Pretty Adorable and Stylish Italian Apartment

Ever wished to witness and experience a slice touch of fashion? Life is too short to live dreaming and is better to live your dream now. Right from the scratch, Francesco came up with this elegant interior design that has drawn the attention and inspiration to many fashion enthusiasts around the world. Perhaps, maybe she got this interior furnishing idea from her constant business trips to Northern Europe. Fashionable may sound an understatement for this five-star design but let us see what is contained in it.

Professional contractors added the extensive renovation right from the electrical systems to heating units. Enthusiastic craftsmen did the unrivaled flooring and paneling. Furniture, though handmade, brings the aspect of creativity while not deviating from modern fashion. Therefore, regardless of the ambiguity of your taste and preference, you will be moved by the discerning taste and innovation that breathes in this house. 

The cutting edge design, trend and color patterns that occupy the interior of this home renders it a vibrant abode to open a new page of life for any fashion seeker. The two couples collected and combined the smaller accessories that make up the space of this house and arranged them in an experimental and fabled manner. Maybe we can attribute the appearance of the interior atmospheres of this house to the instincts of the two couples. This must evoke special memories to reassure you that every dream design can transform into reality. The overhanging bulbs enhance the lighting of this house and add a scent of unique modern style.

Immediately as you enter this house, get welcomed by a simple conventional hook where you can hang your coat after that tiresome office task. Therefore, don’t be surprised to find anything new or manipulated here. Bicycles lean indiscriminately on the paneling and will be your first sight as you enter this small haven. Wondering what will steal your looks in the living room? This is it; luxurious white sofas combined with delightful flowers will invite you for a moment of relaxation. Nevertheless, the scrunching fireplace will pass a lingering call for you. What might be chuckling in your inner soul at this moment is the childhood stories, believe it, the contemporary fireplace will make it happen once again. Get a moment once again to chat softly around the crackling fire with your family.

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The house is never complete without touching the customized shelves and cabinet design. Perhaps, this must be the highest selling point of the two couple’s interior design. They are pretty adorable, stylish and exuberates the overall beauty of this house. This sumptuous abode won’t fail to impress you or any other fashion fanatic.


Photography: Fabrizio Cicconi | Living Inside
Styling: Francesca Davoli

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