Stylish Ideas for Wall Decor for Bathroom


Many bathroom owners use wall art to decorate their bathrooms to make the room more spacious and comfortable. However, traditional wall art doesn’t always fit well with the bathroom interior and sometimes even damages the walls because of water or humidity damage, especially if bathroom decorations are made of wood or other porous materials. But many other great alternatives add unique beauty to your bathroom without causing any damage to your walls or budget. Take a look at our list of stylish ideas for wall decor for the bathroom and choose what you like best!


Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

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Put some beach theme


If you live by a beach, it’s safe to say that you also have the beach-themed decor in your bathroom. But how about those who can’t afford to spend their time near a beach, but wish they could still feel close to one? There are plenty of ways to bring some beach theme into your bathroom without having to buy fancy stuff like wallpaper or expensive furniture. A wood ladder for your towels is a great idea. Take advantage of natural resources and use something found on beaches everywhere: seashells! You don’t even need real ones just get some fake seashells and display them anywhere you like. It doesn’t matter if they’re white or yellow as long as they fit into your overall design, go with whatever looks best. For example, putting empty seashells in mason jars works great. Then all you’d have to do is find pretty glass containers (similar sizes) and pour sand right into your DIY vases! Another great thing about shells is that they don’t take up much space, so it wouldn’t be difficult to find places for them around other elements of your décor – think storage containers or anything else where shells could rest conveniently.

Tile the Walls


Some bathrooms are completely tiled walls, floor, and ceiling. But if you’re a creative soul that prefers to liven up your bathroom with a little art (on a budget), then think about these ideas instead. You can cover an entire wall with tiles or wallpaper; decorate with flower-patterned tiles, try out tiles of different sizes; etc. Wall tiles are durable bathroom art. The main purpose of wall tile is to protect walls from all sorts of things like splashes, scuffs, water damage, and so on. Tiles are one of those materials which provide a luxury feel without increasing humidity levels in bathrooms and the home environment. Remember there are numerous cheap wall tiles available online as well as in stores. These products can be used for various purposes including bathroom wall decoration!

Fancy Pipes and Fittings


This is another way you can decorate your bathrooms without going overboard on complex designs. A quick search on any eCommerce platform will give you hundreds of options of fancy pipes and fittings, which should be a pretty easy task to workaround if you want to create something unique. For example, you can create with copper piping fitted with metal connectors that come in all shapes, sizes, and finishes and are generally not expensive to help differentiate your bathroom from others. Just because you don’t want to spend big bucks doesn’t mean that everything has to look cheap or tacky; sometimes small changes make big differences. These fancy pipes and fittings are simple ways to maintain good aesthetics while also working towards improving how efficiently water moves through your bathroom. Using good quality materials ensures that there is no wastage caused by faulty workmanship and allows you to create robust fixtures that don’t need replacing anytime soon.

Shelf Art


Shelf art is all those decorative pieces you keep on your bathroom counter. Unfortunately, these items do not always match in style or color. However, they can be made to complement one another when placed on a shelf that adjoins your counter. This prevents clutter on your bathroom counter and allows you to enjoy each piece individually and at a glance. Another benefit of using shelf art is it allows all of your wall decor for the bathroom to be out in view and accessible nothing stays hidden behind closed doors anymore. There is nothing quite like walking into a bathroom where everything matches perfectly.

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Use Safe Canvas Prints


If you want to decorate your bathroom but find it difficult to hang a lot of things on your walls, think about getting canvas prints instead. Canvas prints can be ordered through a variety of printing services and usually don’t require any special equipment beyond a good set of wall-mounting tools. They look modern and cool and are reasonably priced, too not to mention they take up much less room than posters or tapestries would. If you get them framed, they can also last years longer than traditional art. Sometimes when people think of wall decoration for bathrooms, they immediately start picturing figurines or glass display cases full of colorful trinkets. While those certainly have their place in certain rooms, Safe Canvas Prints offer another option that works well in contemporary spaces as well as more eclectic settings.

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Plant Containers


You could also use a plant container in your bathroom. Plant containers are decorative, while still being functional, they keep your plants alive and healthy. This is a clever way to decorate your walls while adding greenery to your room. Plants are great when it comes to cleaning and purifying air, so you can breathe easier in your bathroom with these decorations. The best part is that they don’t need much light or water perfect for bathrooms. When buying plant containers, look at where you will be placing them before you buy them and make sure you get an appropriate size. Many people choose pots without drainage holes, but if water pools inside, roots may rot.

Use wallpaper


When designing a bathroom, pick a bathroom wallpaper that’s durable and easy to clean. To create visual interest, you can also add some patterns. And if you’re going for height, use two wallpapers and hang them at different angles this looks trendy as well as makes your bathroom look larger. To make sure your selection doesn’t clash with your decor, try and pick shades from a single color family. Also, make sure that whatever you select is easily removable in case it gets damaged or changed later on. Make sure to keep durability in mind while picking out wall art framed pieces of art that could potentially chip paint when removed, which means they are often best left in place.

Go for a natural look


The natural style is the style that the bathroom wall art should have. It looks like the wall was made of natural materials such as stone, wood, and marble. It does not require any additional treatments to the walls and is suitable for most bathroom styles. Remember, however, that natural colors are not always the best. The use of white can make bathrooms even more spacious. For example, if your bathroom is small, you can paint the walls white. It will make the room look much bigger and you will also enjoy the view of your bathroom much more.

Go for a metallic look


The metallic style is the style that makes the bathroom wall art look like it is made of metal. You can achieve this look by painting the wall in metallic colors such as gray, gold, silver, and black. It is suitable for most bathrooms. There is a downside, however: the metallic style takes a lot more work to apply. If you do not have the skills for this job, you can use a metallic paint spray can, which is easy to use and does not require much maintenance. In most cases, you can use a can of spray paint that you already have at home. You may also find metallic wall paint in metal colors that you can easily buy at any hardware store.

Create storage space with baskets


The best thing about creating a storage space with baskets is that you don’t need to do much. Simply place a few baskets around your bathroom, and there you have it instant storage! Baskets can also double as wall art. Look around your house, and see what other items can be repurposed into wall decor. If you want something more colorful than baskets, why not try some of these ideas Incorporate plants. Wall Planters are great for any room of your home. Baskets in all shapes and sizes (and made from materials ranging from wood to plastic) work well in organizing spaces such as bathrooms. Whether you prefer one large basket or several smaller ones, they allow you to keep like things together (such as toiletries), while allowing their contents to be easily visible. Some people choose to group similar items, while others prefer individual baskets for each item.

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Use glass plates


Glass plates are plates that are embedded with plastic or tempered glass. This is an easy, inexpensive way to add a decorative touch to your walls and comes in various shapes and sizes. Glass bathroom wall plates can be found on many home-goods websites and retail stores like Ikea. The plastic variety of these wall decorations tends to be more resistant to breaking but may require a lot of maintenance. For example, you might need to frequently clean them with a damp cloth or spray them with a mild soap and water solution.


Wall decorations in bathrooms can make or break your interior design. Bright and bold pieces can make a small space look bigger and more open, while some minimalist art can also turn a bathroom into an elegant retreat. However, not all wall decor is suitable for bathrooms. Here are 15 stylish ideas that will add some visual charm to your home’s washroom.

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