10 Ways to Organize Your Bathroom Counter

Are you willing to organize your bathroom counter? If so, you can check the following ways to achieve your goals comprehensively. Your aim to organize the bathroom counter once for all is fulfilled by the following strategies which you need to follow closely.

Here is the list of the best bathroom counter organization ideas for your reference.

How to organize a bathroom counter

  • No towel bars, use hooks

You may use hooks instead of towel bars regardless of the size of your bathroom. Your bathroom towel bar may only be able to carry two towels at a time. As a result, instead of towel bars, you may have four attractive hooks in the same location. For those who need to use the restroom, an individual hook can be installed. Hooks provide a more attractive and orderly appearance than previously. Hooks are essential for keeping your bathroom clutter-free.

  • Paper Towel Holder
bathroom Wall Mount Paper Towel

A paper towel holder can help you decrease clutter on your bathroom counter. Why is it necessary? Your bathroom counter is taken over by scrunchies almost when you look carefully. Yes, these scrunchies may seem shabby, so put them on a paper towel holder. This layout keeps your bathroom clutter-free and well-organized. Scrunchies neatly placed on paper towels correspond to your tidy expectations.

Image: Bamboo Paper Towel Dispenser

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Bathroom counter organization ideas

  • Countertop baskets
bathroom Counter fruit baskets

You may arrange the bathroom counter space by employing a tiny and visually appealing countertop basket. These eye-catching baskets effortlessly tidy your bathroom counter. A little basket may be used to neatly organize your bathroom stuff. As a result, you may use the basket to create a little catch-all station. This arrangement clears the clutter off your bathroom counter.

  • Drawer dividers
bathroom Drawer dividers

Using drawer dividers and bins on the bathroom counter allows you to optimize your storage space. By the end of this stage, you should have fewer objects on your countertop. Using drawer dividers and containers in your bathroom makes it more comfortable, clutter-free, and well-organized.

Image: 9 Pcs Desk Drawer Organizer Trays

  • Never put stuff on your restroom counter in stacks. Instead, purge often to keep your bathroom counter from becoming soiled and dirty. Check the bathroom counter on a regular basis for any undesired objects so that you may fulfill your expectations. Also, place frequently used goods at the front of the closet for quick access.
  • Make it a habit to return bathroom items that you use to their proper places before going to bed. You may also wipe the surface of the sink with a dry towel by wiping it down and tugging it gently. Change the cloth at regular intervals so your bathroom counterpart looks always dirt-free and dry.

Bathroom counter organizer

  • Bathroom counter organizer
360 Degree Rotation bathroom organizer

Using a bathroom counter organizer is an efficient way to keep your bathroom counter clean. When shopping for a bathroom organizer, choose an organizer made from acrylic for ease of cleaning. Acrylic is an easy-to-clean material that may adapt to your needs.

Image: 360 Degree Rotation Makeup Organizer

  • A mirrored cabinet is necessary for internal storage and declutters the bathroom counter. Removing hot equipment off bathroom counters is critical to the decluttering process. This method eliminates the possibility of heat damage. Consider utilizing a wall mount on the counter in conjunction with a hair accessories organizer.
bathroom Gold  mirror Perfume Tray
  • Gather toiletries

Get a nice tray for gathering your toiletries. Place trays that are meant for bathroom storage purposes with boundaries. An easy-to-clean without moisture tray material gives you complete satisfaction at the end. Toiletries must be gathered without spilling in any section of the bathroom, as this causes the entire space to become unclean and unpleasant.

  • A shelf is inevitable or necessary
Floating Shelves for Bathroom

Regardless matter the size of the bathroom, a tiny wall shelf may make a huge impact. You may even consider mounting a whole bookcase on the wall to meet your storage needs. You can use the bookshelf to place your decorative items and bathroom needs. This setup entirely changes the appeal of your bathroom.

Image: Floating Shelves for Bathroom


This post will provide you with ten excellent strategies or methods for organizing your bathroom counter. These tactics are really helpful in your search; try them in your bathroom for better results. Of course, you may have a quiet atmosphere in your bathroom, just as you do in other rooms of your home. Make it a priority to tidy your bathroom counter as soon as possible.

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