How To Style Your Entry Table Like a Pro

entry table styling

A console table is fun to style and gives you a lot of ideas on what to do. However, if you have tried a few and none seems to work quite perfectly, don’t be stressed over it. A console table can give a room a different look and liven up the ambience. There are some tricks to styling your entry table like a pro and you shall learn some in this piece.

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Here we go;

entry table styling 5

  1. Strive for balance

It’s tricky to find balance when styling an entry table, mostly because the table is longer than your typical side or end table. You can find yourself moving things around a lot and feeling like something is amiss every time. The trick is to add items on either side of the table moving inwards.

Image: domino

entry table styling 6

  1. Add an artistic piece that makes a statement

Whether bold or vibrant, colorful or intricate, have a piece of art that sort of functions like an anchor. A good art piece seems to connect the entry table to the wall, thus falling in place perfectly.

One large and attention-grabbing piece of art is the typical way to go and you cannot go wrong with this. However, you can choose to make it a little more interesting and get a grid of up to six photos lined together.

entry table styling 2

  1. Fill out the spaces

The spaces between the accents should be filled with stylistic additions which can come in pairs or trios. You can have anything you like from ceramic vessels, antique art pieces, and small figurines to basically any other small items you like. This doesn’t have much of a formula and anything you think will complete the look should go on the entry table; just be sure to make it feel as natural as possible by overlapping whatever small items you choose.

Image: eden

entry table styling

  1. Stacks of boxes and books work well

One stack or a couple of them on each shelf will do the entry table a lot of good. They are important items on the entry table if you want some natural balance. A stack of large volumes looks really good especially on the lowermost shelf with the decorative boxes a shelf above. The stack will also allow for some rhythm as some items can be placed higher than others.

Image: Pippa Drummond

entry table styling 3

  1. Add a natural element in the mix

While books, lamps, vases and other such items are fun and interesting, an organic element gives the entry table some life. A terrarium is excellent if you are ready to go the extra mile. However, you can also opt for flowers or an orchid. Besides throwing in a natural element to the status quo, this add the much-needed height to your entry table.

Image: JUNE Sixty-Five

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