The Elegance Of Casual Coastal-Inspired Living

Muskoka Living celebrates the elegance of casual coastal-inspired living. Founded in 1998, Muskoka Living based in Muskoka, Canada and Los Angeles, California is a forward-thinking purveyor of design and décor that continues the tradition of casual living with a coastal flare.

Check these amazing elegant coastal homes.


Lakehouse. This was the focus. Traditional lakehouse comforts with contemporary upgrades. Welcoming, yet detailed.


Elegant Coastal Interiors


Located in the Westside of Los Angeles, this custom designed home was designed, built and furnished to seamlessly integrate into its surroundings. An organic palette of natural textures sets the tone for casual California living.

Elegant coastal decor


Located on Lake Ontario, this stunning lakeside home was built in the Heritage District of Olde Oakville, Canada. Each custom detail in this gorgeous home was crafted with a balanced mix of earth tones & luxury. These warm tones are the perfect combination for a city home on the lake.

From small makeovers and custom millwork to full-scale design/build management, Muskoka Living handles projects big and small. Exceptional design and inspiring products are just a few of the factors that make Muskoka Living a true destination. 


A spectacular project on the East side of Lake Rosseau. Soft hues rest gently against contemporary architecture.


Located on the southern shores of Lake Rosseau, this incredible project boasts its own private island, a 4-slip boathouse and an absolutely stunning point of land. This stunning project was inspired by the natural contours of the land — gently placing it around and through rock croppings and mature waterfront.


For the main house, Southern California casual sets the tone for this architectural gem on Lake Rosseau. The easy going vibe sets a stunning contrast against the textured detailing. Soft tones with layered textures melds this project perfectly in the natural landscape. For the boathouse, gorgeous windows lay in harmony with the rustic timber frame while modern architectural details highlight this truly authentic building. Summer living basked in sun with friends and laughter was the inspiration for this 3 slip boat on the shores of the lake.



If you want elegant coastal interiors for your home because the beach always evokes your fondest memories, you don’t even have to live near a natural body of water. You can bring in the warm and tranquil setting of the ocean into your home through your choice of colors or patterns in your living room and bedroom. Or through large windows with white and sheer see-through design curtains that sway with the wind at your dining section. The abundance of natural light pouring into your interiors also inspires that beach vibe in you.


But elegant coastal decor mean different things to different folks according to how they perceive their enjoyment of a seaside abode. If you treasure your relaxing vacation in an exotic and isolated Southeast Asian white beach island, you will be biased towards rattan and bamboo and anything that’s weaved. If you want to go Caribbean, vibrancy in colors will be what’s at play in the decors of your bathroom and your guestroom. If you’re wide eyed about the splendors of a Mediterranean villa, go for an elegant interplay of brown and beige which doesn’t look dirty when the sand from the beach sprinkles on them.

But when you talk about elegant coastal style ala Americana, the interiors have an openness to them, airy and clean and light to the eyes, leaning towards the Scandinavian look. Modern, but with an invigorating abundance of sunlight and warmth that can be felt on your cheeks and your shoulders when you lounge around the patio barefoot with a chilled glass of freshly churned orange pulp bits juice in hand.


Even if you live in the landlocked Midwest or in the desert plains of the south and there’s no drop of salt water in sight, no one can stop you from designing your own elegant coastal style dwelling.

When you want to execute elegant coastal style into your bedroom, creating the mood is the major consideration. Parlay into it lots of whites and blues, as if the sky, the sand and the cool waters are merging into one. These base colors set you off on a calming and de-stressing mood, as you doze off into a deep slumber. Then play around with secondary colors for your elegant coastal decor items.

Elegant coastal homes are for you to create. Don’t let the lack of a hydrosphere stop you.

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