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When you think neon lights, you probably think of tacky bars from the 80’s or late nights at gas stations, right? But thanks to modernization and some clever interior design, neon light home decor is being revived and brought into the 21st century; so let’s take a look at how you can use these statement glass tubes to bring a touch of the unique to your home:

Brighten up your space with your favorite words

Create a warm ambiance by placing your favorite word or phrase on a central wall in your home. Words like “love”, “happiness” or “family” in a soft off-white bulb on the wall of your dining room will create a cozy atmosphere as you settle down for a meal with your loved ones; or you can go bold with a snappy, fun phrase or expression in blue, pink or green to give things more of a lively edge.

Image: Natalie Ensor / Bed: Joybird Hughesin Royale Blush

Highlight your favorite spots

Is there one part of your home that you just adore? Or a particular piece of furniture that you are still completely in love with? Highlighting certain parts of your apartment or house with neon lights will bring the focus of your guests to the parts of your home that you love the most. Do you have a fabulous old bookcase that you’re proud of? Make it a focal point by placing a neon lamp on one of the shelves. Or is the breakfast bar in your kitchen your favorite place to hang out with family and friends? Why not inject a bit of life into it by installing some subtle neon lighting underneath? Whatever you love about your home, give it center-stage with some neon lighting.

Spruce up dull spaces

We all have parts of our homes that we find a little lackluster. The corner of your bedroom where the laundry hamper sits, or by the front door where all your shoes are piled up. Wherever you’d like to add a little sparkle, a neon light will liven up even the drabbest nook or cranny. Try placing a fun shape or cool symbol on the wall by your least favorite spot and watch it come alive.


Image: Kendall Jenner’s L.A. home earth tone living room / Photo by @wabranowicz; interior design by @clementsdesign and @waldosdesigns / AD

Neon Sign dining room Wall Decor

Image: Mar Mikhael Vintage Apts 

Neon light home decor has come a long way since its initial heyday in the 80’s. Choose from subtle hues and delicate fonts to add understated charm to your bedroom or kid’s room, or go all-out and bring the party into your kitchen and living room with big bold lettering in vivid bright colors. And if you can’t find the perfect neon lamp in the stores, why not have one custom-made? Nobody will ever say neon lights aren’t cool again.

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