Modern Kitchen In A Charming Historical Home

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When you purchase a historical home, one of the biggest challenges is to make it work for you and your family. However, there are creative ways to redesign the interior and adjust it to your needs so you can get the most out of it. The house you can see in the pictures was very spacious, in fact, it originally had 6 bathrooms! However, the kitchen area was small in comparison to the rest of the house. The Tiffany Skilling Interiors remodelled it – and as a result, they got a very functional space that combines kitchen and dining area.


The combination of wooden floor and marble walls makes the whole space look very elegant and spacious. The designer opted for black kitchen elements, which is a very bold move but it is very effective. The reason why they were able to opt for black furniture is that the room is spacious and there is a big window that lets the light in. Thanks to good positioning, the room has a lot of natural light, during the whole day. That way, the kitchen doesn’t look tiny and gloomy. On the contrary, it looks very stylish and modern. Of course. it’s not all black – there are gold details that look very effective. The whole area looks modern, stylish but it has also managed to keep the charm of the historical home.


The most important thing is that now there is enough space for all kitchen utensils that one modern family needs. The kitchen is not only beautiful, but it’s also very practical. It’s so well-organized, that it saves a lot of time to the person that is cooking.

Moreover, there are two dining areas. The first one is near the kitchen. with four black leather high chairs. This area looks very modern and it’s perfect for breakfast, snacks, or drinks. It’s also ideal to keep company to the person that is cooking. There is so much space so that you can even use it to place your laptop and work. Another, bit more elegant dining area is located just a few feet away. There’s a white table with four white desks. perfect for a family that wants to eat their lunch or dinner together. The area is decorated with a big elegant chandelier and a glass shelf that holds a collection of drinks that belong to the family. The space is so elegant that you can even host small parties here.

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