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Does it seem like something is missing when you look up at your ceiling? How does the ideas of cheap chandeliers sound to you? Do you wish that you had something stylish to light up the room? Well, if so, it looks like you are in need of a chandelier to add lighting and classiness to your room. Discover the best and cheapest chandeliers on the web, in this all-inclusive guide full of ideas.

cheap black 4 light chandelier

cheap pink 4 ligth chandelier

A beautiful 4 bulb chandelier is the perfect finishing touch to any room – even the powder room! This lovely vintage-style metal framed chandelier has glass and acrylic beads and dangles. $82.87, Wayfair.

Cheap chandeliers and ideas

Before going into buying the chandelier that will decorate and enlighten any room, it’s advisable to take your time and look for ideas. This is a decor element you don’t want to make a mistake for, for many reasons. Firstly, it’s something you can’t easily change overnight, in case you regret your option. Or if you realize that it doesn’t match well with the rest of the room, all of a sudden.

In addition, a chandelier can be really expensive so there is no room for mistakes even from that point of view. To tackle the latter unfortunate event though, we have brought to you a list full of affordable ceiling lights and shopping ideas, if you might! So let’s dive right in!

Acrylic pendant lights

cheap modern acrylic chandeliercheap colorful chandelier

These acrylic chandeliers are the first options we have for you. Their bulbs create this candle effect, bringing out a unique vibe, different from the usual examples of chandeliers that you might picture in your mind. Also, notice the multicolor effect in the second version of it. It is something not very used but trust us, it’s just as modern and aesthetically beautiful as the rest.

Modern Acrylic Pendant Lights with 5 Lights Chrome Finished $89.99, Light in the box.

Chandeliers with teardrop shape crystals

cheap crystal pink chandelier

100% Crystal Wrought Iron Chandelier. A Great European Tradition that you can incorporate in your own home decor. Nothing is quite as elegant as the fine crystal chandeliers that gave sparkle to brilliant evenings at palaces and manor houses across Europe.

This beautiful chandelier from the Versailles Collection has 3 lights and is decorated and draped with 100% crystal that capture and reflect the light of the candle bulb. The frame is Wrought Iron, adding the finishing touch to a wonderful fixture. This timeless elegance of this specific chandelier is sure to lend a special atmosphere anywhere its placed! $94.00, Gallery 802.

A classic black chandelier

cheap black chandelier

If you don’t want a traditional chandelier with tiers of crystals and bright lights, then this one’s for you. A classic scheme, with very few crystals to add some sparkles. Candle-like lights are dominant here, looking like a candelabrum turned upside down. The piece is finished off with a thin, black layer of tulle, that makes it super stylish for your interior.

A black chandelier $99.00,  Gallery 802.

Resembling chandeliers

cheap Crystal Ball Chandelier

This fixture features beautiful crystal balls that capture and reflect the light. Truly stunning, this chandelier is sure to lend special atmosphere anywhere it is placed. The lighting fixture looks like a shower head with the strings resembling the water falling. This creates a very special effect that will make your ceiling look fantastic! Give them a try and trust us, you will not regret it.

The $99.00, Overstock.

Spring antique chandelier

badget crystal chandelier with porcelaine rosesYet another crystal chandelier, but with a very distinguishing feature that most people will love: roses. The porcelain decorative roses make this piece look like it is made of spring! It’s perfect for youn couples who have recently moved in together and want to add some romantic touches to their home’s design. Its price? It’s quite affordable, when compared to other chandeliers of the same material and aesthetics. $106.20, Lighting direct.

The traditional chandelier

cheapest chandelierThe Maria Theresa 6-Light Chandelier features a timeless, classic design. With a chrome finish and white candle lamp holder covers, this chandelier will bring elegance and style to your decor. It’s a very usual option, and is perfect for the homeowners who love simple pieces for their home decor. $69.98, THE HOME DEPOT.

Cheap chandeliers with ribbons and flowers

Jubilee Collection Chandelier Sash Cheap chandeliers come in many different shapes, sizes and styles. One of them is those unconventional pieces with more small elements. Like this one above. I love this chandelier! Jubilee Collection Ballroom Chandelier with Optional Shade and Sash, $340.20, Wayfair. The color is very neutral, thus being a perfect choice for rooms that fllowthe same pattern. The ribbons and flowers provide it with a super girly touch, so it’s ideal for a girl’s room!

Where should a chandelier be placed?

Even though you should decide for yourself whether you would like to have a chandelier, there are some common spots that they are usually appropriate for. Let’s start with the entryway. Offer your guests your first personal touch of your home’s decor when you first open your door. It makes this part of the house look very friendly and adds some aristocratic touches.

Another place you should consider is the dining room, of course. Your large or small dining room table definitely “ask” for a chandelier above. This way you bring the essential light in this crucial part of the house, but always in style!

And last but not least, consider placing your favourite piece in the living room. After all this is the room you and your guests will mostly spend time in.

These were some cheap chandeliers and ideas you can use for lighting your space in a chic way? Did you like them? Don’t hesitate and let us know in the comments below.

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