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Maximalist New York Lofts that Will Take Your Breath Away

Creative Family New York Loft

Maximalist New York Lofts that Will Take Your Breath Away

Nowadays, having a gigantic abode isn’t the only standard for a beautiful home. Homeowners have gotten more diverse and creative with how they design their dwellings — from chic minimalist interiors, to this creative family loft in the heart of New York.

One key trend that’s currently making its rounds in apartments everywhere is maximalism. Business Insider predicts it as the next big thing in American homes, with people breaking away from minimalism to embrace the “more is more” aesthetic. Though spaces might be small, they’re decorated with the same elaborate dimensions as their mansion counterparts, making the most out of any given room.

Maximalist homes are especially popular in crowded urban areas like NYC, where space is limited and often hot on the market. On top of the exorbitant rent costs, there are other expenses to keep in mind. Yoreevo explains the city’s mansion tax, which is 1% of the total sales cost for any apartment over $1 million. This tax hasn’t changed since 1989, and is one of the reasons why NY properties are some of the most expensive in the world. The eye-watering costs of homes in prime locations is also one reason why homeowners lean towards the extravagance of maximalist interior design. As it follows, the rooms must fit the price tag.

So if you’re looking for a little inspiration for your next redecoration, below are some maximalist New York lofts that will take your breath away. 

Fifth Avenue duplex

This fabulous Fifth Avenue duplex

Interior designer Sasha Bikoff’s apartment is a reflection of her personal style: extravagant and flamboyant, yet still classy in every way. Her current home is a clear nod to old school opulence, from the framed Gucci scarf by the lacquered cabinets, to the gilded Venetian antique mirrored dresser. “The room is really my ode to ’80s glamor,” she said in an interview with The Cut.

Image credit: The Cut

Photo: Ceren Bingol


bold Brooklyn Heights habitat
This bold Brooklyn Heights habitat

Just like Bikoff, Christene Barberich’s home showcases her eclectic personality. At first glance, her apartment looks like a hodgepodge of kitschy items. The interiors marry various eras, such as refurbished antiques with pop-Atomic pieces. Barberich reveals that the key to making it all work, however, is balance and proper lighting. “We painted the walls and floors white to complement the small proportions; it made a huge difference in terms of creating more of a light-box effect,” said the Refinery29 editor. “We [also] have massive skylights in every room. It brings everything in the space to life.”

Image credit: Man Repeller


Upper East Side interior design idea

This Upper East Side escape

Midnight blues and deep hues animate this pocket-sized apartment, giving the illusion of depth and the comfort of expansiveness. For designer Todd Romano, his studio’s 600 square foot feature was the selling point. “Good design is about editing,” he tells Architectural Digest’s Bob Morris. “You can live very well in one room.”

Image credit: Architectural Digest


East Village studio

This rule-breaking East Village studio

Going against the traditional tide that less room should mean less objects, Ann Stephenson and Lori Scacco filled their home with as many memories as they could. “We […] brought in pieces from our upstate farmhouse — my grandparents’ dining table, threadbare rugs, various artworks acquired over the years,” says Stephenson regarding their decorating process. “The full-scale pieces grounded everything, allowing us to live among items we have a strong connection to and that have a sense of history.” Undoubtedly, this expanded worldview translates itself through its dynamic interiors that feel beyond their size.

Image credit: Lonny


daring downtown pad

This daring downtown pad

Designer Amy Courtney channeled Sarah Carson’s feminist philosophies into a tangible, sharp haven. It has all the makings of a modern pad, like silky textures and plain walls for a gallery-like feel. It’s a balancing contrast to the wild splashes of color and bronze peacock sculpture. “Though there are several bold pieces throughout the space, they were carefully selected because of their harmonizing features,” Courtney explains. “[Their] neutrality helps balance the environment.”

Image credit: Home Polish

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