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Infrared Heating Panels2

Infrared heaters are fast becoming a recognised green alternative to almost all other types of heating for the the home and workplace.

Infrared technology is not new but recent developments have made it possible to privide affordable heating pannels that use a fraction of the energy used by night storage heaters and gas fired central heating systems.

Also you can print your own image onto an infrared heating panel!

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LAVA® Design glass heating devices.

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Infrared Heating Panels

This infrared radiator by ECO RED has been disguised to look like a blazing log fire and hung on the now reundant chimney breast.

Infrared heating works like the suns rays, only without the harmfull UV rays.
The beams of infrared light are absorbed into the walls and ceilings of your house and even into your body making you warm even if the air around you is cold unlike a conventional heating system which heats the air in the room and relys on convection currents to distribute the heat around the room (normaly from the top down) wasting most of the heat produced and causing dust particles to rise.

Infrared technology is so safe it has been used for several years to warm new born babies.

Think of it like being heated by the sun through your car window on a cold day.


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1 thought on “Infrared Heating Panels – Hot Paintings”

  1. I love soft light tone, thanks for the post. I do not agree with everything. It is not advisable to place bright voluminous textiles in bright walls – this will reduce elegance. Colorful things are better to arrange and hang, and furniture to dress in a “different”, but also a light shade. In light interiors in the style of country and Provence you can safely play with an abundance of small textiles.
    Also do not really like the bright green poster on the wall. Very contrast green.

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