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In a modern penthouse in Stockholm, Elina Lethimäki created a fabulous Indian house design. Most of the furniture and fabrics that are visible in the house are from India. Elina designs clothes and other fabrics that are sewn up there. She often goes to India to visit the manufacturers and to find interesting items to sell in her store.

I got a new home and a new family that is closer to me than I could ever dream of.

scabby chic Indian House Design

The living room / kitchen viewed from another angle. Elina wants everything in her home should harmonize. That is why she chose white computer gadgets. Cut flowers enhance the feminine feeling. Philippe Starck’s plastic chair and an old Swedish rib-backed chair creates momentum.

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Elina’s apartment located in newly built Hammarby and with a different interior had been able to see cutting-edge out. Elina has instead chosen to emphasize the soft textile feel and femininity. Indian furniture has a worn appearance and contribute greatly to the charm. Here are many ideas to borrow for anyone who wants to create a beautiful shabby chic atmosphere.

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