Modern India Inspired Living Room Designs

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You ended up in this article probably because you are an Indian style lover. If this is the case, then these Indian style living room designs are something you need to see! Different colors, patterns, furniture of indian origin and so on are parts of what you should expect to see here. So, do not waste time and check out these amazing and fully inspiring ideas.

Living room with Indian style

indian home decor

Indian interior design by firm.

living room with indian screens

Living room designed by Habitat studio. These sliding screens were actually imported from India that the owners had found during their travels. It is worth examining the details of this example and see how floral and stripes perfectly fit together.

indian house design

In a modern penthouse in Stockholm, Elina Lethimaki created a fabulous Indian house design. This style is definitely special, but there are even more living room ideas you can check here. Just spend some time navigating through and get the enlightenment you really need!

indian house designs

indian style living room

Teak-wood ‘church’ flooring, rustic window-shutters and interesting indian table and chairs. This is one of those on-point indian style living room designs. The reason is because it successfully represents a unique indian style that is widely loved by many people!

Design by uttara and adwait.

indian coffee table in modern living room

A bone inlay table from India in this modern living room designed by M.J. Lanphier.

modern fireplace with art piece wall decor from india

Interesting living room design by M.a.p. Interiors. The fireplace has been custom designed and features an art piece from India.

indian design living room

Intricate detail of the wood carving used as a frame, designed by Maureen Mahon.

modern living room with indian pillows

Living room by Utopia. You can add a few handmade toss pillows and off you go on a voyage to India! It is a great option in case you like indian style but do not want to overdo it. If you compare it to the other forms of color combinations, it is a “quieter” one. Don’t underestimate this example though. Despite being simple, it expresses indian style exactly as it should.

india living room design carson poetzi

India inspired living room design by Carson Poetzi. This bright blue provides a great background for collection of mirrors. You can pick up a variety of mirrors and make a fun wall out of them.

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