How Much Do Interior Designers in the US Make?

Designing your home might be one of the most complicated tasks to do. First, it’s always very challenging to decide on a look that you want to go with. More than that, it is also challenging to mix and match pieces that will form a cohesive and appealing picture within your house. Thankfully, there are interior designers to help you do the job.

An interior designer has a lot of roles and responsibilities whenever they are working on a project. Usually, an interior designer candidate must be responsible, detail-oriented and artistic. If you are interested in becoming an interior designer to help others create the perfect space inside their home, here are some things you need to know.


How Much Do Interior Designers Make a Year

Despite all the responsibilities and requirements of being an interior designer, it is a highly fulfilling and satisfying job if you really want to pursue a creative career. Additionally, interior designers make a good amount of money within a given year. How much do interior designers make an hour? The hourly rate for a designer ranges from $14 to $27. It might seem small, but if you ask yourself how much do interior designers make a year, the answer ranges from $59,000 to $132,000 per year. This can change depending on the location you work in and the company or firm you work for.

Interior designers can earn a higher salary when they complete a master’s degree. Certifications can also increase the earning potential of a designer because it showcases different specialisations such as kitchen, bathroom, environmental or industrial design. Furthermore, gaining experience also affects the salary rate.

Average salary also varies by state due to the standard of living. How much do interior designers make a year also depends on the average wealth of the state, as well as the demand coming from various clients, stores or companies. To get an idea of how much a designer makes per state, you can refer to Indeed Career Guides. If you also wonder how much do designers make an hour, you also need to look at the following factors:

  • years of experience
  • educational background
  • additional skills that a designer has
  • certifications

Responsibilities of an Interior Designer

An interior designer is responsible for visualising design plans for the clients. Afterwards, they need to create a sketch, a 2D or 3D rendering of the design so that the clients can also see it. Designs must always be in line with the goals of the clients. Once designs are approved, the designer is also responsible for sourcing the best products and determining the costs of the overall project. As construction begins, the designer should also be able to check on the progress and make sure that the design is being followed.



Other responsibilities include:

  • Setting a timeline for the project
  • Creating a mood board to help clients visualise the design
  • Use computer software to render more detailed designs
  • Inspect and approve the design once the project is complete

Being an interior designer is more than just picking out decorations or furniture. It can involve changing the whole look of the space by using a combination of design, color and decor. In order to become an interior designer, you should also prepare some requirements. Aside from having a bachelor’s degree in interior designing or any related field, it would be best if you also created a portfolio of your work. This way, potential employers can view your previous projects with ease. You should also be able to show experience with project management and computational design. Finally, an interior designer must be proficient in using Illustrator, AutoCAD, SketchUp or a similar software for creating designs. Being an interior designer is a good choice if you want to pursue an artistic career path. You can let your creativity flow while earning a good salary.

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