House with the Essence of a New England Barn

house interior New England barn style

Calahan’s house in  Maine’s Penobscot Bay. Around 350 people live on North Haven year-round, and they’re fiercely proud of  their island.

The pair have summered on North Haven for years; Callahan bought a house there  in the late 1970s and has been back every year.

Though it may not strictly ad here to the local aesthetic, the house takes its  cues from a humble and prevalent form of local architecture: the boat barn. “We  wanted the essence of a New England barn,” says Callahan. “The house is like a  sculpture, a piece of jazz, like a riff on barnness.” The couple had initially  planned two structures on their land, but when Campbell delivered exactly what  they had imagined, the desire to build the second evaporated. “The fantasy with this house,” he continues, “was that someone had built a  boathouse and then abandoned it. You go to some of these old structures in Maine  and think to yourself, I could live here. You know, this really isn’t far off  from livable.”

Campbell’s Little Bird swing flies high alongside modern  classics like the Eames shell chairs and Saarinen Tulip table.


house interior New England barn style 6 ideas



house interior New England barn style 2 ideas

The kitchen, complete with an Aga stove, is framed by modular shelves and helps  heat the sleeping nook directly above it.

house interior New England barn style 3 ideas


Looking from the kitchen out to the sea, one sees the simplicity of Campbell’s  design. Whether the long balmy nights of August or the raging winter winds,  little seems to alter the tranquility achieved inside Callahan and Hayes’s  summer home.

house interior New England barn style 4 ideas

The master bedroom opens up to the sea “like a maw,” says Callahan, who is  delighted with the high ceilings and expansive space. Callahan and Hayes’s  full-time residence in Fairfield, Connecticut, is a 1734 farmhouse with, as she  puts it, “small, dark rooms and very low ceilings.” Rolling drawers under the  bed and window seat allow for considerable storage while keeping the room  clutter-free. His-and-hers desks flank the window seat in a room one is loath to  ever leave.

house interior New England barn style 5 ideas


Campbell placed twin sinks in the master bathroom.

house New England barn style


The roll-up garage doors on the ocean-facing facade open onto a large deck. From  the living room the deck appears to extend right out to the sea like a floating  dock.

house interior new england barn style 7 ideas

A stop at the outdoor shower reveals the red steel frame beneath the wooden  siding.


Views of the Penobscot Bay from the house’s small beach remain spectacular even  with a blanket of February snow.

Photos by Raimund Koch

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