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Easy Ways to Hygge Your Home In The Summer

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Most people associate the word hygge with the winter months. This feeling of coziness and contentment can actually be experienced all year. Now that we are in the summer, people are looking for ways to get that feeling when the weather is warm outside.

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Below are a few easy ways to hygge your home in the summer. Try them out and see what works best for you.

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A lot of people tend to collect more things than they actually need during the winter months. Once it gets warmer out, clutter can really start to take over a living area.

Cleaning the home out and getting rid of clutter that is just unnecessary is going to make every living space a little bit nicer. Not only does it make the house look bigger because there are fewer things taking up space, but it lowers stress levels as well by keeping things easier to clean.

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Add Plants to the Home

One of the easiest and most effective hygge home decor ideas is to add a little bit of nature to the inside of the home. This means anything from a large potted plant to fresh flowers on the dining room table.

Plants are going to add new, refreshing smells to the home. They also look amazing when added to the right areas. All it takes is a little bit of watering each day to keep them alive.

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Opt for Lighter Colors

The sun is out and the temperature is warm, so there is really no need for dark colors all around the home. Some things can’t be changed in color, but opting for lighter colored bed sheets, blankets, pillows and more can make a difference.

Material makes a big difference as well in the summer months. Linen is a popular fabric choice because it is so lightweight and comfortable to use. Think about white, cream and light blue as popular colors to choose from when shopping.

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Change up Candle Options

Using the right candle in a home can really set the mood for the entire area. We often associate candles with warmer months because it is a small fire that does produce a little bit of heat. It is still perfectly fine to use candles in the summer months, but make sure to use an appropriate smell.

Food and heavier overall candle smells are very popular in the winter. Those who really like those smells can still use them in the summer, but going with floral or fruity smells are better to set the mood. They are going to be just a little bit lighter and easier to breathe in during the summer.

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Let Fresh Air Flow

Fresh air during the summer is not only going to help keep the electric bill low, but it helps with hygge as well. It can be very relaxing to feel the breeze blowing throughout the house. Most people need to be a little strategic when they open up the house to get the maximum amount of wind, but it’s the perfect finishing touch to go with all the changes inside.

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