Crystal Chandelier in the Kitchen

Crystal Chandelier in the Kitchen 4

Kitchen lighting is one of the most important elements in determining the overall look and feel of this high traffic area of the home.

A chandelier is any light fixture that’s suspended from the ceiling. For most people though, a chandelier involves multiple bulbs and a whole lot of crystal.

Years ago Crystal Chandeliers where reserved for the formal dining room. But times have changed, kitchen lighting styles have changed over the years. Now crystal chandeliers lighting the kitchen. Kitchens are entertainment areas and they are getting all dressed up.

Kitchens and bathrooms have become the popular locations for chandeliers. Many people do choose to use chandeliers in kitchens, especially if there’s a dining room attached to the kitchen. And not just any chandeliers, mind you, but crystal chandeliers. These symbols of elegance are a great way to add character and appeal to your kitchen. Crystal Chandeliers in a kitchen typically steal the show. And if you look in the right places, you can find some really cheap chandeliers that will help you decorate your house.

Crystal Chandelier in the Kitchen 3

Chandeliers are indeed the most beautiful kitchen lighting fixtures but they must be chosen with care and properly accentuated with complementary fixtures to produce the most compelling decorative effect.
Crystal Chandelier in the Kitchen 5

I have a princess chandelier (mini chandelier) in my kitchen (above) it isn’t crystal, I bought it only $75 but I think it looks great! I love the sparkle and glam my chandelier bring to the kitchen.

You can make your kitchen even more beautiful with the addition of a chandelier.The trick is choosing the right crystal chandelier to go with your kitchen’s décor and mood.

To find the right style chandelier for your Kitchen, simply begin with a color or a material that is predominant in the decoration scheme of the room. What catches your eye in the kitchen? What type of statement do you want to make? If your kitchen is more traditional, choose chandeliers with more ornamentation and decorative details. If the kitchen is modern, you can opt for less ornamentation and simpler details but don’t be afraid to bring extravagant chandeliers into more casual kitchens. Make the look more contemporary with amethyst, black, or red crystals. I don’t think you can go wrong with a beautiful chandelier. It’s like a piece of art in a room. And remember mixing of materials and styles within one fixture is now a common design trend.

Crystal Chandelier in the Kitchen 7

A chandelier doesn’t have to be centered in a room.

colorful Crystal Chandelier in the Kitchen

Colorful chandeliers create drama in the kitchen.

Crystal Chandelier in the Kitchen 4

Crystal Chandelier in the Kitchen 6

Crystal Chandelier in the Kitchen 3

Crystal Chandelier in the Kitchen 2

Crystal Chandelier in the Kitchen

What are your thoughts on crystal chandeliers? Would you hang a crystal chandelier in your kitchen?

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