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Clean and Open House by Irastorza


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A Spanish designer with offices in his home country and Germany, Mikel Irastorza spends most of his free moments in his own small apartment in San Sebastián, Spain. This coastal town is in northern Spain — extremely close to the French border — so many of the houses in this part of the country have a profound French, turn-of-the-century influence.

When Irastorza found the space he wanted, it was stripped to its bare bones. For him, the most important thing during the restoration was to stay true to the early 20th-century structure of the surrounding area, while incorporating his unique style and furnishings. With only two people living in the apartment, Irastorza was able to indulge in high-end modern goods, while still creating a functional and livable space. The pieces are warm and welcoming, unlike the “untouchable” look that often happens in such clean and modern spaces.

“I don’t think I have a particular style, to be honest,” says Irastorza. “I always try to adapt my work to the places, houses, and clients I work with. This house was my own, so it’s a bit of everything. I just knew that I wanted it to be clean and open, but also very warm.” The final result is a home that feels harmonious and balanced — a delicious blend of a structure inspired by the past, and design that lives in the present.


The combination of the bold artwork and classic furniture made the dining room Irastorza’s favorite room in his home. He found an antique French country table, which melds beautifully with the home’s golden wood floors. Chinese wooden side chairs accent the table, along with six classic Bertoia white chairs.

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