Classically Modern: Designer Daniella White Turns the Rustic Farmhouse Idea on Its Head

modern rustic farmhouse idea

Swedish interior stylist and photographer Daniella White creates artfully decorated spaces. She certainly has a talent for it, as views can see. She transformed her 1907 home from an older house to a thing of beauty, all thanks to Scandinavian pieces, clean arrangements, color blocking, and a desire to create a space that reflects her own preferences and personality.

Daniellla carefully selects flea market finds mixed with IKEA furniture, eclectic accent pieces, and beautiful living greens in either cut or potted that really bring the room to life. The rooms become a type of living art installation, like with this salon that features a black piano and a mixture of white, black, clear, and wicker objects arranged on top– all with a chalky background as a base.

Mix texture, color and feel to create a funky yet warm loft area to hang out in. Wood floors, white furniture and walls, and a miniature stone exterior, with a furry rug on the floor that will make you feel like staying and reading a book, laying it on the rounded steel table when you close your eyes for a quick nap.

modern rustic farmhouse idea 2


modern rustic farmhouse idea 3

The living room was born to be done in gray, and Daniella delivers. A clean yin of gray and yang of white allows this room to exist in harmony with the green plant and white hanging light. A uniquely shaped white rug ties it all together on smooth wooden floors.

modern rustic farmhouse idea 4 modern rustic farmhouse idea 5 modern rustic farmhouse idea 6

Bring exotic flare into even a small corner. Make the furniture black, the walls white, the decorations global or texture-inspired (these are wooden figurines), add a hydroponic houseplant or two, hang a meaningful drawing or photo, and you’ve worked magic on a small space– well done!

modern rustic farmhouse idea 7

The farmhouse kitchen is modern and sleek– white brick walls, white ceilings, black door and lamp, and smooth wooden floors make this a very clean and functional space. Pair with black & tan stools for sitting, and this is anything but the typical farm cooking area. While you’re at it, why not stack your black and white glassware, mixed in with a draping ivy plant for country charm.

modern rustic farmhouse idea 8 modern rustic farmhouse idea 9

Dinner is served in pure luxury! Futuristic curved chairs(one adorned with a fur) sit at a table, waiting for guests to come enjoy the view of the forest outside. Dark wood is the theme here, and the moodiness is fantastic.

modern rustic farmhouse idea 10

modern rustic farmhouse idea 11

Grey walls with a navy comforter done up in paisley– for a bedroom done in darks and neutrals, this bedroom is surprisingly inviting. Incorporate blue, white, gray and patterns into the rest of the room, but keep the walls simple and the furniture sparse– a black bookcase and a wooden stool are a study in simplicity, as is the house exterior itself– classic white and black. Even the furniture and theme of the backyard patio is white with black and wooden accents. A few palm plants and you’ve got a beachy feel from a pre-war era home!
modern rustic farmhouse idea 12 modern rustic farmhouse idea 13 modern rustic farmhouse idea 14 modern rustic farmhouse idea 15 modern rustic farmhouse idea 16 modern rustic farmhouse idea 17

This curated home came out amazing. It’s a true testament to what monochroming and choosing a few select colors and textures to work with can really look like when it’s done right.

Do you love Daniella’s end result? What design notes are you jotting down? What’s your favorite space in this stylish house? Comment below!

Images: ELLE se / Photography: Daniella White

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