How to decorate a small living room

small living room with fireplace and large mirror

Got a small living room? Not sure how to decorate it? Having trouble getting it just right? While decorating small spaces can be a challenge it is not impossible. There are plenty of decorating ideas for small living rooms. The key is to keep it simple and to scale. (more…)

French Country Living Room

french country living room

Via Post and Beam Living Living room colors compliment and harmonize with the garden or landscape, therefore color inspiration will be drawn from the outside view. The far northern regions of France are much cooler, having different landscapes and play of natural light from the northern skies, resulting in the...

Blue Living Rooms

blue living room 8

It has been discovered long ago that colors may say a lot of things about a person. This is because colors are deeply connected with people's emotions. Blue - being one the most favorite colors of males and females - is now also being used as a color motif in...

Golden Living Room

modern golden Living Room 2

In Feng Shui golden color represents Feng Shui element of metal. This element naturally fills people with power, and brings luck in financial affairs. In addition, Feng Shui metal element represents honor and respect. In ancient times, in China only the emperor with the relatives and chosen representatives of the...