12 Awesome Traditional – Classic Living Rooms

traditional classic living room

In traditional living rooms, classically designed furniture and warm colours come together to create an inviting space for entertaining. Class it up with inspirational ideas for formal classic living rooms! Here are some of them for bringing dramatic style to the space. Chosen with extra caution, these traditional living room ideas are something to die for!

Photos of traditional living rooms

Below you can see a luxury living room designed by designer Dorota Kowalczyk. This formal traditional living room conveys old-world glamour and elegance.

Via polki

Formal Traditional - Classic Living Room Ideas

Also, here are some formal classic traditional living rooms by Cravotta Studios.

gray formal traditional classic living room idea

Added to these, you can see an elegant monotone living room designed by Alexander James Interior Design.

formal traditional rustic living room designThis living room includes majestic reclaimed wood beams, a super tall white wood paneled and plank covered fireplace. Along with 2.5 story windows, they create an awe inspiring rustic space.

COCOCOZY Via Atlanta Homes

formal traditional living room idea

One of many beautiful traditional living rooms. Design by cindywitmerdesigns.

formal traditional classic living room 5 ideas

Here there are soft, warm tones of gold and beige. These lend a Luxe Living look to this room. You can pair them with cooler metallics like mercury glass lamps. The rich blend of silver and gold is opulent yet refined. Do you like this?

Via lamps plus

formal traditional classic living room idea

Amazing living room designs by DKOR interiors. Special colors create a unique atmosphere for your space.

formal traditional classic living room 7 ideas

velvet couches and a glass table

Here’s a nice mix of calm, cool and collected. The color palate is calm, using cool tones like aqua and champagne. Of course, the eclectic mix of materials makes it collected.

Via  Z Gallerie

beige couches and purple curtains

Via House Beautiful

brown couch with light purple table

“With plenty of seating and luxe details, a formal setup is a special-occasion spot—the focus is on entertaining rather than everyday life.” —Elizabeth Bauer, interior designer

Classical living rooms

So, the question is, what is special about classical living rooms? The answer is simple. This style is for those who love elegance, vintage and the Medieval trends. In combination with the modern touches of our generation, this creates a perfect result. As you can see in the pictures above, the two eras subtly unite together for harmony and warmth in your living room.

Crystal chandeliers, vintage sofas and armchairs are some features this style has. Moreover, the big french doors or windows are another characteristic of this living room decor. However, that does not mean that you can’t create classical living rooms if you don’t have big spaces. The furniture can play a quite important role in this case. Acquire the best classical living room ornaments and the rest is easy! Equip youself with some special curtains and boom! Your classical living room is ready to go!

Extra tips for traditional living room ideas

Squared-Off Floor Plan

The furniture, all at right angles, seems to stand at attention. Also, wide spacing makes the room feel grander than it is. The rug defines the seating zone. But because it’s an unfussy material (jute), it sends a welcoming signal.

Multiples in Furnishings and Art

The room has a sense of structure and organization. This is thanks to sets of chairs, tables, and lamps! In addition, themed art hung in a crisp grid makes the place seem extra well kept. For sure almost every detail has a partner.

Sophisticated Palette and Textures

Neutral tones with one pastel (lavender) used sparingly feels refined. Silk drapes, tufted velvet, scalloped edges on a leather daybed create a traditional style. Yet mirrored surfaces add up to lushness.


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