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It’s the year 2013 and with it have come a number of pretty exciting trends for interior design. Now is the best time to begin the redesign of your living room, regardess of whether you would like to add only several small ideas or change everything completely. Having this in mind, here are a few of the best small living room ideas:

Blue and green small living room

Using Blue and Emerald Colors

The most popular colors for this year are blue and emerald – you don’t necessarily have to use them together however – instead, blue is generally used for wall color, while emerald is used for accessories.

small living room with natural materials

Usage of Natural Materials

Another trend for 2013 is the usage of natural materials for rustic, earthy design. Of course, wooden materials are the most obvious option and this is good, because they are practically versatile.

For example, using rustic wooden tables to kit your living room is a popular idea – in the end, no living room is fully furnished without a wooden table and sometimes even wooden flooring.

modern pattern small living room

Modern Patterns to be Used

This is another popular trend during 2013 – very practical and versatile again. For instance, if you don’t enjoy plastering your living room in bold patterns, you can simply follow the trend and use stylish throws, cushion covers, and patterned features as an alternative.

botanical small living room

Using Botanicals

During 2013, the usage of botanicals in small living room ideas is very popular. This was old-fashioned until recently, however now it’s back in trend – however you must go for something that is fresh looking and really simple – the usage of fussy and loud botanicals is not fashionable throughout the year.

Some of the Most Trendy Small Living Room Ideas, Styles and Trends in 2013:

luxe small living room

Luxe Living – It blends stylish design lines with mirror and lacquer finishes, Bold color pops and exotic accents add sensations that complete the look of your living room in a very special way.

pastel french small living room

French Refined – It brings the charisma of the classic European styles and adds rich layers to the decoration of a living room, carrying crystal accents, subtle pattern textiles, and furniture with slightly scrolled legs.

global mix lsmall iving room

Global Mix – It represents worldly accents, which reflect well-traveled ans exotic lifestyles. Bringing this rich mix into your living room creates a special, international appeal.

modern mix smal living room

Modern Mix – it is a representation of our modern lifestyle. Having an eclectic furniture mix with hued, warm accents, bold lighting, and patterned materials, this array is layered in a very interesting manner. It represents the best combination of entertainment and relaxation.

industrial shic small living room

Industrial Chic – It combines the urban mix of utilitarian patterns and the worn textures and aged woods warmth. Aged metals and iron are accented with soft neutral surfaces and weathered woods.

cottage small living room

Cottage Living – it combines the usage of soft patterns and materials, which create the looks of a typical country home.

organic small living room

Organic Inspiration – relaed and casual style, inspired by the power of natural textures, colors, and patterns; its decor is hot and inviting, using rustic materials, touchable finishes, and soft colors.

craftman style small living room

Craftsman Style – this design plays an emphasis on classic vertical and horizontal lines. This timeless, clean appearance can be brought to your living room along with a modern touch – playful and balanced asymmetry, rhythmic bent curves, colored glasses, well-patinated metal finishes, etc.

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