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French Loft With Character

French Loft With Character

This loft by Planete Studio has a lot of character. Before I even proceed further, it is critical that you understand that loft interior design is totally different from interior design for an apartment or a home. A loft creates a hurdle because it has an open, wide space that demands to...

Pebble Stones in a Modern Setting

Pebble Stones in a Modern Setting

Wonderful is the perfect word to describe this stunning refurbished home. A dilapidated building in Italy was given a complete make-over and turned into a stunning chef-d'oeuvre. What’s more, the original architectural structure was left standing, resulting in an incomparable modernistic residence. Even exterior architectural elements have been kept in...

Art Lover’s Chic Brooklyn Loft

Art Lover's Chic Brooklyn Loft

Tze Chun, founder of Uprise Art, lives cozily within her new home's exceptional inspiration. Her company features the original contemporary work of emerging artists and matches customers with each their own personal art advisor. She tells how there can't be too much art on a wall, and her Brooklyn loft...

A Three-Dimensional Wonder

Three-Dimensional Wonder loft

This house by Riccardo Haiat, has an interesting space configuration. In order to expand the area, higher-levels were created. Two mezzanines create a 3-Dimensional effect offering multiple perspectives that join in the living room area in the center of the home. This strategy helps to preserve and refine awkward spaces...