Industrial Mixed with Warmth and Charm

Industrial Mixed with Warmth and Charm

Who knew an industrial building could possibly become warm and inviting in a place called home amidst all the steel and metal and bricks of stone? Creativity, resourcefulness, and adept talent of ILLA architects led to an award-winning reform of this rigid olden structure.

The primary aim of the interior renovation project was to render the space habitable. Not only to make it a comfortably livable place, but suitable to house the lifestyle of an owner who typically receives many friends. What’s more, the entire building transformation had to rely on the lowest possible investment while maintaining the original industrial aspect and the “energy” within. Lighting and plumbing fixtures have managed to keep this characteristic intact.

On the outside, time-old concrete is brightened with vibrant yellow wide garage door. Nature’s elements in the terrace promote a more breathable room temperature in the loft located right below located below this new garden. Upon entering, modernization is immediately seen in the converted office space with the staircases and furniture exhibiting a contemporary appearance. The walls are lined in frames of different shapes and sizes in the living room. The parquet floor makes the distinction in this part of the house, applied only in the living room sector and making it the coziest space among the other environments.

Excellent use of resources shines through in the sofa that was embedded into the concrete during construction. It’s form has been exquisitely crafted right from a suspended slab of about four meters long where tailored pads were placed. The result? A roomy couch in elegant plain color, accentuated with prints and patterns of a lovely array of pillows. Right across is a zigzag round chair and beautiful armchair. It’s set alongside a collection of books atop a wooden table, and perfectly under a massive lampshade for reading your favorite book. The mobile TV and bar are reused parts you wouldn’t expect to become a functional centerpiece.

Industrial Mixed with Warmth and Charm 2 Industrial Mixed with Warmth and Charm 3 Industrial Mixed with Warmth and Charm 4 Industrial Mixed with Warmth and Charm 5 Industrial Mixed with Warmth and Charm 6 Industrial Mixed with Warmth and Charm 7

Industrial Mixed with Warmth and Charm 8

Photography: Marcelo Donadussi

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