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Hotel Particulier Montmartre in Paris

Hotel Particulier Montmartre in Paris

    Hotel Particulier Montmartre in Paris. A jewel case in the last bit of historic Montmartre scrubland, nestled between the famous Avenue Junot and Rue Lepic, this vast Directorial style house is located in a unique spot. Facing the « Witch’s Rock » this former private home transformed in 2007 into a...

Dream Traditional Huts in Austria

dream traditional huts interior design in Austria

  Almdorf Seinerzeit Dream Traditional Huts in Austria. There exist those few, very special places with an exceptional aura. These places raise deep emotions and long-lost moods. They provide a deep affinity with the originality, with the power of nature and the meaningfulness of the genuine and traditional. The Almdorf Seinerzeit is...

Le Moulin Du Roc Hotel France

Le Moulin Du Roc Hotel France

  Le Moulin Du Roc Hotel located in Champagnac de Belair, Périgord, France. The hotel’s fifteen rooms are distributed between the three parts of the Mill and are connected by a merry labyrinth of gangways, terraces and narrow staircases. Every room oozes charm with a blend of period furniture, bare beams and all modern...

Viceroy Miami a Dream Resort Hotel

Viceroy Miami spa

    Viceroy Miami presents sophisticated international travelers and discriminating South Florida denizens with a glamour-infused resort hotel created for business and leisure pursuits in the city’s burgeoning downtown. Designed by tastemaker Kelly Wearstler, this luxury Miami hotel on Brickell Avenue deftly juxtaposes elite residential necessities with scene-making dining, roof-raising...

Petrella Guidi Lodge & Historical Hideaway, Italy

Petrella Guidi Lodge & Historical Hideaway

Petrella Guidi Lodge & Historical Hideaway. A well-hidden place of reflection and creative leisure where the spirit becomes one with the heart and the joy of living of this ancient land: medieval Petrella Guidi Lodge & Historical Hideaway in the heart of the pristine and authentic landscape steeped in Italian culture. The...

Casa Talia by Vivian Haddad and Marco Giunta

casa talia traditional italian interior design

Casa Talia by architects Vivian Haddad and Marco Giunta. Arabic houses in the Medina inspired hotel located in Modica, Italy. It is a small oasis in the historical center of Modica, surrounded by a beautiful baroque background. A redevelopment of several small independent houses by typical of the Sicilian tradition materials: stone walls, lime plasters, cane roof,...