Unique Furnitures

amazing dresser furniture evolution 04 white

  I found some unique furnitures......Take a look! Unique precious masterpiece, characterized by the combunation of the hand-carved solid oak with the essentiality of contemporary style. Enriched by handles in burnished brass. Design Ferruccio Laviani. If you like it you can find it here (more…)

Champagne Cork Stool

Champagne Cork Stool

Champagne Cork Stool looks like it's just been popped from a giant bottle of champagne! This product is the equivalent to 1,300 regular Champagne Corks in weight and 110 times bigger than a regular Champagne Cork! Ideal gift for weddings or birthdays, or any event that involves the bubbly stuff!  

10 Hidden Beds Ideas

hidden bed 11 ideas

Do hidden beds excite you? Then this one's for you! Discover some great hidden bed ideas that will transform your whole home decor. This amazing trick is used by many homeowners around the globe. Especially the ones who have limited space and want to eliminate extra furniture during the day....

Cork Chair

Cork Chair 2

Interesting chair made with the cork centers of aluminum baseball bats by Quartertwenty on Etsy. Our limited edition cork furniture is made from up-cycled cork discs from the interior of aluminum baseball bats. This captured cork waste from a local Portland sporting goods manufacturer is threaded onto aluminum rods and...

30 Indoor Swing Chair Ideas

DIY wood indoor swing chair

While swings have traditionally been closely tied to being outdoors that no longer has to be the case. With more and more swing chair models being designed to be easily placed anywhere we've seen a change, gone are the days of needing a lengthy installation and now indoor swing chairs... Protection Status