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12 Blue Bathroom Ideas You’ll Love

blue bathroom idea with gold touches

A bright or dark vintage hue that’s pleasing to the eye, blue is a color that can complement every bathroom. You can create a modern look or retro appeal or anything in between. It can be calming or invigorating, warm and inviting, icy cool and breezy, comfortable and relaxed, whichever...

20 Bohemian Bathroom Ideas

Bohemian Bathroom

The bohemian look should not be limited to major rooms like the bedroom and living room. It is still possible to achieve a bohemian bathroom as long as you know how to buy the right décor pieces. Achieving this look involves learning how to combine different décor pieces. (more…)

DuPont™ Corian® – Bathroom by DuPont

Bathroom by DuPont

Architects and designers all over the world value Corian® as a material that can transform their most ambitious visions into reality. The DuPont™ Corian® portfolio of bathroom basins is characterised by versatile, contemporary design and innovative technical features.  They can be integrated into Corian® tops providing beautiful, high quality, inherently hygienic and reliable designs....

1930s Spanish Revival Remodel in L.A.

1930s Spanish bathroom Revival Remodel

This project was accomplished by byrdesign in collaboration with Studio Life.Style. Beatriz contributed to this project as the project designer. Located in a charming Larchmont neighborhood in Los Angeles, a 1930s Spanish Revival home goes under a complete remodel of three guest bathrooms and one master suite.  The layout with...