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Melina Divani is the owner and creator of Interior Design is her infinite passion without stop. Follow Melina on Instagram

Hardwood floor in the Bathroom

Hardwood floor in the Bathroom

To start with, you have to choose an appropriate wood to use. Choose a hardwood floor rather than a softwood floor, as softwood tends to absorb ambient moisture more, making it more vulnerable to damage. Particularly resilient and strong woods that could work in the bathroom are oak, maple, cherry,...

Ultra Modern House in Ibiza By A-Cero

Ultra Modern House in Ibiza By A-Cero interior design 14

Ultra modern interior design by a-cero. The human team of a-cero, led by Joaquín Torres, has grown in parallelism with the activity developed. The studio has offices in Madrid, A Coruña, Dubai, Dominican Republic, Vietnam, Moscow and India. White color is the protagonist and throughout the home, even in these most private rooms. Across the aisle with a frosted glass sliding as...

Apartment in New York by Stefan Boublil

Lavish Luxury Home Interiors – Dining Room Design The NYC Apartment Interiors shown below has been designed by Stefan Boublil, who is the creative director of The Apartment Creative Agency. This apartment a dream house you could say is located in Manhattan, New York. The interiors shown below are unique...

House in Göteborg

This house is located not far from Göteborg. It was built for a family with two children. The house is on the hill on the sea shore so the architects needed to take this thing into consideration. The interior is light, modern and colorful. The inner light was maximized with...