Almost Entirely Black Apartment Design

The Black Apartment is one of the best projects done by The Apt for Cindy Gallop, the chairwoman of advertising giant BBH. She asked the studio to make the apartment to looks like it’s a Shanghai nightclub at night. As the result she got an apartment with almost completely black-lacquered interior. There are no walls whatsoever, just a network of curtains which could be used to make rooms on-the-fly. Ms. Gallop has more than 300 pairs of heels that she cherishes as art so a large wall with individual light boxes for each pair was designed to store them. The whole apartment has become the great place for comfortable living filled with luxury. By the way, it’s also become an awesome place for several photo shoots and even music videos.


Imagine stepping into a space so utterly unique, it’s like walking into a different dimension. This isn’t the start of a sci-fi novel; it’s an everyday reality for Cindy Gallop and her iconic “Black Apartment.” Designed by the illustrious Stefan Boublil od the apt, this apartment is where minimalism meets your goth friend who got really into interior design. It’s like Batman decided to take a crack at Airbnb.

The Heart of Darkness… But Make It Fashion


Nestled in the heart of New York City, Cindy’s apartment isn’t just a living space; it’s a bold statement. “Why go light,” it seems to whisper, “when you can embrace the elegance of the dark?” From floor to ceiling, everything in this abode screams (in a very chic whisper) sophistication and drama. The apartment, which once served as a YMCA gymnasium, now sports a different kind of workout: one for your eyes and imagination.


Black kitchen cabinets

A Splash of Color? How Dare You!


The color palette here is simple: if it’s not black, it’s probably not welcome. This doesn’t mean the space is devoid of life or variety. Oh no, the textures and materials – velvet, leather, ebony – they all play together in a symphony of shadows, creating depth and intrigue. It’s like every piece of furniture attended a very exclusive party, and the dress code was “Midnight Mystery.”

A Collector’s Haven


Cindy’s apartment doubles as a shrine for her vast collection of eclectic artifacts. From avant-garde art pieces to unique sculptures, each item has a story, probably involving a secret society or a moonlit rendezvous. It’s like Indiana Jones retired and decided to focus on interior design, with a penchant for the color black.

Bathtub Goals

And then there’s the bathtub. This isn’t just any bathtub; it’s a monolithic, black marble piece that could double as a sarcophagus for a trendy pharaoh. Bath time in Cindy’s place is less about getting clean and more about soaking in a potion of power and mystery. One can’t help but feel a bit more villainous while emerging from its depths, wrapped in a fluffy (black, of course) towel.

Conclusion: Embrace Your Dark Side

Cindy Gallop’s “Black Apartment,” masterfully crafted by Stefan Boublil, isn’t just a place to live; it’s a manifesto. It challenges the norm, asking why we’re so afraid of the dark when it holds so much potential for beauty and elegance. So, the next time you’re contemplating a new look for your living space, remember Cindy’s dark oasis. Maybe, just maybe, it’s time to turn off the lights and see what happens. Who knows? You might just find that you’ve been missing out on the chic side of the dark.

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