A Minimalistic New York City Apartment With a Breathtaking View

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The most beautiful thing about this minimalistic apartment are big windows and a beautiful panorama, that is making you feel as if you were outside. The apartment looks very spacious with its high ceilings and light-colored walls, but it’s also very functional. The designer wanted to get the most out of the space available, without filling it with too much furniture and allowing the space to breathe.

Throughout the apartment, the main colors used for the interior are grey, white, and black. However, the beauty is in the details, and there are little pops of color every here and there – for example, turquoise wall in the bedroom or colorful painting in the dining area.


The living room is the most spacious room, but it doesn’t have a lot of details because the designer didn’t want anything to distract from the beautiful New York City panorama that can be seen through the window that dominates the wall. The living room is mostly grey, but the colorful pillows make it feel warm and cozy – perfect for daydreaming and relaxing. Materials used are mostly marble and metal, but there are wooden details, such as a flower vase on the coffee table that make it feel like home. One part of the living room is reserved for lounge area, it’s near the window, and it feels like a terrace with a view. This part of the apartment resembles a fancy hotel room and makes you feel as if you were travelling to a new city.


There is also a functional kitchen area. The bar and two high chairs are separating it from the rest of the space. It’s impossible not to notice a modern hanging wine rack, that helps to get the most out of the space available, but it’s also a charming detail. The kitchen is small but compact and very modern – there is everything that one may need, the latest kitchen utensils.

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The bedroom is minimalistic but very functional. It also has more colors and details than the rest of the apartment. The designer experimented with different textures – pillows and rugs that make it feel cozy. Red details such as flowers and the paintings give it a nice final touch.

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Images: House Beautiful / Photography: Nick Glimenakis 

When it comes to the bathroom, it’s very spacious and it has a big window. It has an interesting combination of materials – from marble to wood – which makes it feel natural and energizing.

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