20 Country Style Kitchen Ideas With Character

white country kitchen with black countertop

If you feel saturated with minimalism and strict lines it may be the perfect time to turn to the rural way of life. Country style kitchen ideas are a great way to do so. Experts say that the country life has beneficial effects on our health and psycho-physical condition. However, if you are not able to leave everything and run away to the country a good way would be to create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere in the urban environment. In other words, re-design your apartment in a rustic country style.

Quality country style kitchen ideas

Such kitchens simply “have a soul”, and you can throw yourself at the main job that is expected in any kitchen – cooking.

Country style as seen in Tuscany or in the picturesque French villages is the main inspiration for the design of a country style kitchen. They are rich and allow a lot of details like containers for spices, antique dishes and cooking aids, such as pots. They are deliberately not put away, but charmingly exposed on the counters to be admired by you. We’re bringing you a few ideas to give your kitchen that warm country charm.

Glass or open upper elements burden the kitchen area less and therefore always have them on mind when designing a kitchen. This open-cupboard element for plates is full of charm! Plates are neatly arranged, and the kitchen is no longer visually monotonous but gaining interest. In the area above the upper elements place baskets, which are a must have in every country kitchen.

These types of kitchens come in many shapes and colors. For example, there are some great white country kitchens, perfect for the supporters of this shade. Their style is indeed unique and can be versatile when combining it with colorful details.

Image: SN kitchens

country kitchen design with little open shelves

Cute little shelves

The narrow part of the wall between the windows can be used for lightweight white shelves. Their simple construction is quite sufficient for this style of kitchen, because the objects on the shelves and not the shelves themselves come to the forefront. Make sure that the shelves remain neat and that some details on them are stylistically aligned.

wooden country style table with floral decorative pillows on chairs

“Dress” your chairs

For more comfortable sitting in a wooden country style kitchen simply put pillows on the chairs. Adjust the choice of fabrics to the style of kitchen: stripes and flowers are ideal for a rural atmosphere. Besides protecting the chair, it is much more comfortable to sit on a soft cloth rather than on a hard wooden surface, to the delight of your kids.

Via Shabby chic girls


Dark floors

Wooden flooring in the kitchen area is ideal for a kitchen like this. Although dark color flooring requires more maintenance, its warmth and beauty will prevail if you are in doubt about choosing between darker and lighter flooring variations. The only thing you should pay attention to is the dimensions of the slats, and let them be as long as possible in order to get an impression of country flooring like our grandmothers had in their kitchens.


Rural atmosphere

Benches are not only for the parks; on the contrary, in these country style kitchens, wooden benches perfectly fit the relaxed rural atmosphere. Its secret trump card, seating surfaces which can be opened, will be used for the disposal of everyday items such as tea towels, stationery for children’s homework, cookies and cake tins, etc.

Sometimes country kitchens look bulky and dark which can have quite an impact on creating a positive atmosphere. In such situations it is best to use artificial lighting and details like flowers in a vase to “refresh” the space. Pot plants are always welcome, regardless of the design and style of the kitchen. Jars with herbs will serve the same purpose, and further highlight the rustic style. Wreath of garlic that can be hung over the kitchen island or a dining table can serve the same purpose as it is essential that it is at hand, so that it is easier to reach and use for food preparation.

So, if you still decide to stay in town and going to the country is only for weekend excursions, but you want to cook fine and delicious meals daily in a homely atmosphere, country style kitchens are the best choice.


Kitchen by Mark Molthan


German country kitchen

Via Canadian house & home















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