20 Amazing TV Above Fireplace Design Ideas

tv above wood fireplace

Do the decorating ideas of fireplaces with TV above scare you? Well, it might be a tricky decor style to follow. Still there are cases you can’t do otherwise. Whatever your case, one thing is for sure. TVs are becoming more and more common above the fireplace. And if you want to hang your TV above fireplace as well, here are some great ideas you can turn to for inspiration. But first let’s talk about the reasons you might end up doing this.

Why place a TV above fireplace?

Surfing the Net for this topic, you might find yourself a bit confused as to whether you should choose this style or not. Some might tell you that is a dangerous thing to do, while others might pinpoint that there is nothing wrong with that. Well, the truth lies somewhere in between actually.

It is true that the TV above fireplace idea isn’t the best of the best. It’s common sense that the heat coming from the fireplace might damage your device. Especially if used 24/7 during the winter months. Or in other instances, the smoke will do so. Additionally, the cabling and the whole installation of your TV might not be that easy in this case. So, is there any possible reason why you should check these fireplaces with TV above? Yes. See below some reasons why you should opt for this.

Your room space is limited

When your space is limited, you have to act accordingly in order to have great decor. So, combining a specific spot of the living room and fireplace area is a good choice. It’s like killing two birds with one stone. And of course, if you do this you will have a modern interior instantly.

tv above stone traditional fireplace 14

The coziness created will amaze you. And will be a friendly environment to host some of your beloved guests.

Plugs are near the fireplace

This makes the option of placing your TV above fireplace mandatory. Unless, of course, you want to consult with a technician to change the pluggings and wirings. Which is quite time-consuming and might get you out of budget, as you can imagine. With the right placement though, anything can be safe and sound.

tv above stone fireplace 10

Like in this example. As you can see a small wooden surface divides the fireplace and the TV above it. So there is nothing to worry about.

You have a gas fireplace

Now this is the case where you don’t have to worry at all! Gas fireplaces are typically way cooler than traditional wood fireplaces. So anything related to heat and smoke problems will belong to the past with a fireplace like this.

tv above Textured limestone fireplace

A cool instance is the above fireplace. Textured limestone and a thick wood shelf wrap around this double-sided fireplace. Wood cabinets are unexpectedly deep, allowing TV components to be out of sight retaining a clean look. Also notice the small detail of the wood surface right between the fireplace and the TV. This will provide you with extra safety in case you are worried about any accidents and increased temperatures.

Photography by Scott Mayoral.

It looks way cooler

Let’s face it. Decor like this is unique and makes the area feel cozier and warmer. Especially when you watch a movie with your friends or family near the fireplace. It really combines two separate activities, which are equally widely loved.

modern decor with indoor plants

Approved ideas of fireplaces with TV above

So now that we have discussed the reasons for adding a TV above the fireplace, let’s take a look at some great ideas for your inspiration.

tv above traditional fireplace 9
tv above awesome modern fireplace
tv above white fireplace
tv above fireplace 12
tv above fireplace with sycamore paneling on each side
tv above stone fireplace

Jennifer Aniston’s home in Beverly Hills.

gold framed tv above fireplace

silver framed tv above fireplace

wood framed television
tv above black stone fireplace
tv and shelves above fireplace
wood on the wall in living room
hidden television

If you can’t stand how TV look you can hide it, like this in the photo above.

wood structure for television
hidden television in living room

Hidden TV above stone fireplace by Stonewood.

Via partment therapy

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