11 Best French Door Curtain Ideas

Curtains are magical touches of your interiors. It adds to the level of elegance and doneness of the design which creates the specific mood of the space. The Valance of French Door Curtains are a symbol of luxury once it is included in the interior design. Valance are substantial and necessary decorative element even if represents a classy approach because of its purpose.

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Since French Doors are wide and lets the heat and sun’s rays into the interiors, a barrier is very needed. Furthermore, curtains must be relevant to the designs of the home decors and furniture to make the space look welcoming and less cluttered. Here are 11 Best French Door Curtain Ideas for a heavenly sanctuary;

11 Best French Door Curtain Ideas

  • Use Tulle Fabric Curtains
french doors ombre tulle curtains

Firstly, tulle is very classy and elegant, undeniably. Tulle fabric looks light and airy creating a very fantasy-like moods into the interior space. Secondly, its texture is smooth and soft making it a source of a loungy and cozy effect to any interior design decorations. It is also very thin permitting the light into the space while blocking the rays that makes the interiors overly hot.

  • Blackout Curtains
french door white Linen Blackout Curtain

Blackout curtain fabrics are best for interiors that are facing the west or the afternoon sun. It avoids the interiors from acquiring unwanted levels of temperature. Blackout curtains totally eliminate the permission of light into the interiors, therefore, this type of French door curtain is perfect for bedrooms, theater rooms, study dens, or closets.

  • Neutral shades are the best

Neutral or lighter shades of colors for your French door curtains is a staple. Choosing this shade will not make you feel heavy in the visual aspects. Therefore, it will not surpass all other decors of the interiors.

Curtains for french doors

  • Stick with the Color palette of the interiors for patterns

If you want to have some prints and patterns on your curtains, make sure it matches with the color palette and interior design theme to avoid making it look unruly and unorganized.

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  • Choose the best curtain rod

The curtain rod should be more simple than the curtain design to emphasize the look of the French door curtain. The rod could be visible or less visible depending on the color of the walls, ceiling, and flooring.

  • Make your French door look elegant when the curtains are open

Make sure that the curtain can be pulled back. Depending on the framing and panel design of the French door, Your curtain design must look equally soft or equally sleek with the design of the French door framing or panel. To make the French door look dreamy or magical, bigger panels can have a heavy fabric curtain, for smaller panes, use lighter fabrics with plain and pastel colors.

  • Camouflage with the wall

Curtains for French doors can also blend with the wall color for a unified design if you have more embellishments all around the space or room.

Image: Liz Marrie blog

French Door Curtains

  • Contrasting color

If you notice that you have a plain-looking interior, you can use a flashy color option for your French door curtain. Note to not use a very bold or completely opposite color to avoid mismatch and eyesore. White, nude, pastel and rustic shades are the best colors for curtains.

  • Add Accessories
Boho white and black Cotton Linen Window Curtain Panel with Tassels Geometric Print

Tassels, laces, and all other draperies are always in-trend for a luxurious curtain design and ensembles. To make the curtains look more opulent and luxurious, add a border or head in gold or metallic colors. Accessories by the edges and tabs of the curtains will add a Rococo or neoclassical touch adding classic and timeless elegance to your French door. Since the French door is a versatile architectural element, you can manage your curtain designs and still make it look matching. The challenge for design French doors curtains is to match and mix it with the surrounding room or space design.

  • Length is the key

French door curtains can look bolder and regal if you add more inches more beyond touching the floor. It will surely look like a fine princess dancing towards the spring sun. This design idea can be applied with whichever fabric you have for your French door curtain.

  • The finishing touch your space is missing
pastel nude pink frenc door curtains

Image: House & Garden

Look upon the most dominant pattern of your room or space and make sure that the curtain’s pattern aligns with it. You can choose fabrics with metallic prints for a timeless, trendy, but classic curtain design.

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