10 Simple Decorating Ways to Make Your Dining Room Feel Fresh

fresh dining room

Check out these 10 Simple Decorating Ways to Make Your Dining Room Feel Fresh.

1. Bouquets
Perhaps the most instantaneous and effective way to bring freshness to your dining room is placing flowers in large vases as a statement centerpiece. The stronger the contrast between green and the flower’s petals are, the fresher the impression. Get creative by placing single stems into long, simple glass vials to place next to each person’s plate for a modest touch.

2. Bamboo utensils
Funky, original and useful, forks and knives with a bamboo handle will give off a refreshing, Zen feel. Utensils made completely out of wood are great ideas as well.

3. Green or light colored chairs
Who says that decorations have to directly on the table? Replace your plain dining chairs with green or light, wooden chairs. For the most creative of families, painting the legs of a chair with blades of grass while make it seem as though the furniture is in a lush, green garden; you can’t get any more fresh than that!

4. Glass
There’s something about glass (cups, vases, etc) that gives off a beautiful and ethereal impression — place some extra champagne glasses filled with water at various levels for a simple and inexpensive way to bring light and freshness to your room.

5. Fruits (real and fake!)
Keeping a nice basket (rather than bowls) of apples and oranges will add freshness to the room by adding color. Don’t feel shy about using fake fruits and vegetables if you like; you’ll be appreciating nature’s gifts either way!

6. Plates
The very plates that you eat on can freshen up the room with beautiful colors and rich, illustrious graphics of flowers and herbs. For a colorful touch, alternate between colors and patterns to create a sense of “rhythm”.

7. Flower petals
Sprinkling flower petals on the table makes it seem as though a soft breeze has delicately brought them from outside. Opt for roses, as they perfume the air while looking lovely.

8. Bowls
Small bowls filled with tinted water, pebbles, candles and floating rose buds couldn’t make the dining table any prettier. The small candles will float to the top to create mini worlds of vibrancy on the table.

9. Mini gardens
If you enjoy moss and green grass, you’ll love this idea! Create small gardens and terrariums by growing small amounts of grass in jars or decorating the table itself with moss. Feel free to get creative by placing small figurines of animals to make the space come to life. Not only will it give off a very earthy smell, but these additions will bring the freshness of your garden straight into the home.

10. Play with the seasons
Change up your dining room decoration according to the seasons for an extra emphasis of freshness. For example, if it’s Fall, opt for orange and cool toned accents and play around with leaf-shaped plates, while if it’s winter keep the colors pale while still using those soft green hues to prevent the table from becoming a dull and dim-light social area that offers little conversation.

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