10 Real Life Cheap Rental Upgrades

Real Life Cheap Rental Upgrades

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars in order to give your rental a new lease on life. To discover a few inspirational real-life rental upgrades, simply continue reading.

10 Real Life Cheap Rental Upgrades:

stick backsplash for your rental kitchen

1. Use stick on wall tiles to create a temporary backsplash for your kitchen

One way to instantly update the look of your kitchen is to purchase inexpensive stick on wall tiles, which you’ll be able to use in order to create a chic backsplash for your kitchen. As an example you may want to alternate black and white stick on tiles, to create an eye-catching backsplash.
crystal glam drawer handles

2. Replace your doorknobs and drawer handles

As an example, you may be tempted to replace your outdated drawer handles with sleek, stainless steel handles.

small rental bedroom wall decor idea

3. Purchase new modern light fixtures

By simply switching out your rental’s current light fixtures you’ll be able to transform the look of your rental. As an example, you may want to invest in a stylish bedside lamp, that will express your unique sense of style.

rental home cheap easy decor idea

4. Use bright throw pillows in different textures to decorate your living room, study, and bedroom

To achieve a vibrant atmosphere, simply purchase a few bright textured throw pillows, that you’ll be able to place on your sofa, chaise, and bed. Some examples of textures that you may want to experiment with include fluffy pillows, linen pillows, and sequined pillows.
Image: jamjustyna
extra storage space idea

5. Give yourself extra storage space

Get organized with extra storage space!
inspiring quote wall decor idea

6. Select an inspiring wall decal to express your personality

As an example, you can’t go wrong ordering a wall decal which boasts an insightful quote, that you find inspiring.
blackboard wall design idea

7. Paint a large sheet of contact paper with blackboard paint to create a blackboard wall

It’s possible to create a blackboard wall without painting your rental’s walls. Simply use blackboard paint to paint a large sheet of contact paper, which you’ll then be able to place on your desired wall.
Image: goldalamode
hallway black and white floral wallpaper idea

8. Hang a wallpaper in your rental

In order to give your home a cozy, warm vibe, it’s a great idea to hang a wallpaper on one of the feature walls in your rental property.

chaise cushion behind your bed instead of using a headboard

9. Hang a chaise cushion behind your bed instead of using a headboard

If your bed doesn’t feature a traditional headboard, you may want to hang  over your bed a chaise cushion from a shelf. To add a bit of glamor to your master bedroom, simply opt for velvet curtains in a rich hue, instead of opting for traditional curtains.

rental home decorating ideas

10. Display your decorative items in an empty bookshelf

If you’re not allowed to put up shelves in your rental property, simply choose to display your decorative items such as your framed photos in an empty bookshelf.
So if you’d love to update the look of your rental, it’s well worth experimenting with some of the interior decor upgrades listed above!

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