Your Home Should Be Your Sanctuary

Marcel Wolterinck Holland interiors

What type of vibe do you get when you enter your home? Is it serene? Inspiring? Or are there a lot of furnishings, colors, and textures thrown together without any sense of balance and practicality? In today’s frenzied world, you need a place to getaway. Even if it’s not another home, at least a room where you can gather yourself before and after facing the world. This home by Wolterinck, is such a place. It’s stunningly beautiful, flawlessly balanced in color, texture, and furnishings, resulting in a balance of both the exterior and interior. It’s a testament to how our surroundings can influence our everyday lives and important it is to get the balance right, even if you can’t afford a home like this one!

Similar to a retreat, this home is designed primarily based on the principles of Feng-Shui, which is a system of laws thought to oversee spatial organization and orientation in conjunction with the flow and ebb of energy. For example, take a look at the extremely high ceiling and how well it is proportioned to the rest of the room. The all-natural elements all blend together like the stone jagged wall, floors, natural fiber shades, and leather furnishings. They all merge concurrently without effort. Not one texture, hue, or furnishing conflicts with the other.

In fact, color influences you on an emotional, physical, and psychological level. Research has proven that color can alter the body’s temperature and desire for food. Color can also affect your temperament and overall energy level. When you take into account these types of concepts, you realize how important it is to give your home a harmonious ambiance, inside and out. This home manages to do both exceedingly well.

The bedroom continues the harmonious theme with natural textures, neutral shades, and contemporary furnishings. It is well balanced and exudes tranquility and relaxation. It’s quietly majestic and non-imposing. The bathroom area emits a natural aura. It’s designed, as the rest of the home, with natural elements such as stone and wood.

The exterior is just as lovely and as the interior. The landscape is flawlessly designed with beautiful with well-trimmed shrubbery while the edifice rests calmly in the middle of nature. It’s a dream home, retreat, getaway, and resting place. It has all the elements required to make a living area a splendid sanctuary with all the comforts of home.

A home space that is composed provides homeowners with the idea place to relieve stress. It makes the abode a place worth looking forward to at the end of the day. A relaxing atmosphere is not difficult to achieve with meticulous use of color and decorating accents. With a few accents and decorating strategies, you too can make your home a harmonious retreat to enjoy everyday, just like this one.

Photographs: Davide Lovatti

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