Your Home Is Your Castle

castle turned into home

Take a castle, refurbish it, keep much of the authentic characteristics, add modern furnishings and distinctive lighting and accents, and you have the beautiful home pictured here. The home is somewhat dark; however, dark can be chic. Really, it’s true! You have to bring the right tempers together by combining distinctive hues, textures and shapes. The effect is transcendental. It shapes into a dynamic environment that only the most confident souls can take pleasure in. This is what this home manifests, a distinct beauty that’s not easy to identify but you know it’s there.

You can view this home by BARABAN+,  from a number of different angles, and detect its eccentricity. It’s not designed for the modest, meek type of individual by any means.

Take a look at the floors, the octagon shaped tiles designed in earth tones and herringbone wooden floors are the height of sophistication. The combination is unique and actually creates the foundation of the space in this residence. Bringing the look together are a variety of peculiar objects; however, they are not the most obvious pieces. For example, the door to the living room area is demure but robust. Yet, it’s not overpowering. The rich chestnut brown hue with curt straight black lines, is akin to a distinctive piece of artwork. That’s another characteristic of this abode, objects are more like artwork than merely everyday functional possessions.

castle turned into home2 castle turned into home3

There’s a 60s element to the vibe of this grand home as well. The very well-known Lichtenstein drawing is iconic. The black metal three-tiered coffee table, black metal matching shelving, long black drapes, and beams clambered with black attachments work beautifully in living room the space. Everything else is tributary.


castle turned into home 4

Other areas of the home, like the kitchen space, is highlighted by stainless steel appliances. The stairwell looks as if it’s hidden but yet makes a bold statement, distinctive pieces of furniture and grand fireplaces truly make this home a mansion.

castle turned into home 5 castle turned into home 6 castle turned into home 7 castle turned into home 8 castle turned into home 9 castle turned into home 10 castle turned into home 11 castle turned into home 12 castle turned into home 13 castle turned into home 14

Cement walls are another sui generis aspect that appears gelid, but is warmed by rustic hues, and lighter shades throughout the home, like in the washroom area. Canary yellow, lapis lazuli blue, light wooden floor, and a stunning aquatic mural, create a surreal atmosphere. To achieve this look, it is necessary to provide austere contrasts. The same theme resonates in the bedrooms. Each rooms portrays their own narration, theme, and idea. Yet they all string together flawlessly.

castle turned into home 15 castle turned into home 16 castle turned into home 17 castle turned into home 18 castle turned into home 19

Modern interiors today are not just about the usual objects like sofas, beds, and tables. It’s a combination of the unusual combined with practicality. It’s the absurd mixed with unique textures and shades. Now, is the era of unconventional living. Homes are no longer simply homes, they are every aspect of a person’s lifestyle, even if you live in a castle!

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