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beautiful bohemian apartment interior

Caroline Z Hurley and her sisters have been living in a house since 15 years. There are four bed rooms with attached bathroom, a spacious dining , drawing rooms ,a nice kitchen , two veranda available in that house. Caroline’s father was an archeologist who designed that house beautifully and so nicely that one who sees it fall in love with this house. It is situated in a calm and serene place where a beautiful lake makes this house charming. Caroline has textile and housing business so she knows how to decorate a house with unique design superbly. To make this house more comfortable Caroline has changed something in its basement and design of product used in it. To create more living space, Caroline and her sisters lofted the bed with stylish, exposed beams, allowing for a full-size living room, spacious counter space, and ceiling-tall closets.

Caroline’s house has no scarcity of light as this house has amazing floor-to-ceiling glass window. The walls of this house are painted Valspar, oatmeal white. When it’s dark in outside the light of this house made these color appealing. Meanwhile it has CB2 lighting system from Pottery Barn. The curved standing lamp is from CB2. The throw hanging on the wall is from Caroline’s textile line. The majority of the furniture in Caroline’s apartment is vintage, found at various sales, such as Broomfield Antique Flea Market. Various books and delicate trinkets adorn the house. Entrance rug was from her grandmother’s vintage. Living room is furnished with various kind of beautiful furniture. Jewelry and trinkets sit on the custom built-in vanity. Its rug is from ABC carpets and Home which makes the room very comfortable. Couch is designed by Within Reach, Pillows from Caroline and White Moon. Besides them all other furniture are from Elephant’s Trunk, Brimfield Flea, etc. Dining room was furnished with table, chair, rug, napkins etc. Table is original antique from Bali and its source is Brooklyn. Folding chairs from which
generally very comfortable and nice to see. Rug comes here from Turkey.

The ladder to the lofted bed is directly to the right of the kitchen entrance. Instead of having a large standing refrigerator that
takes up a lot of space, Caroline and her sisters opted to put multiple smaller refrigerators under the counter top. Its Chandelier is from Pottery barn. She just didn’t attach the spider legs to the wall, so they all hang low. Stools’ from West ELM. Tea towels’ from Caroline Z Hurley herself and Joshua Tree print. The curtain that hangs over her loft. She just stapled that right into the beams. For that its remain steady although winds come from open window. Caroline used West ELM linen for her living rooms sheets which are generally very beautiful to look at as they has blue and red stripe. Pillows for her living room designed by Caroline herself and Natural Grid Pillow.

When closed, the door to the bathroom blends in with the closet next to it. When you open the door (which is entirely mirrored) all the way, it closes out the entire hallway. That way, Caroline can be talking to guests while still having privacy. Meanwhile in the bathroom having red chair designed by Within Reach and Vanity is custom built.
Soaps that sit on the shelf next to the mirror. Shower curtain is designed by Caroline Z Hurley herself and Oaxaca Navy Throw. Rug is from Home of the brave and Vintage from Oaxaca. Overall it is clear that Caroline Z Hurley used all the material in her house very carefully and nicely. She decorated those very nicely so that she could use very comfort. We all know that choosing the right product is the main
thing about decorating a house. If one want to decorate his/her house, he/she must select accessories very carefully and cautiously so that he/she can feel comfortable . In this case everyone should bear in mind that a house is that place where they can feel nice and cool. It must be placed in a safely place. Caroline and her sisters did collect some beautiful collections of home
interior which is just marvelous and eye catching to see.

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