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Work With A Blank Canvas With White

Work With A Blank Canvas With White

Ceiling, floors, walls, trim, everything in white. There is no way to go wrong with a blank canvas, and that’s exactly what white is. Decorating ideas are infinite. You can go traditional or modern, art deco or ethnic, you can go on forever. Bright white is about simplicity not luxury.

This beautiful home is anchored in a crisp, all white setting. It’s not a cozy feel, but it’s soothing, tranquil, composed. There is no distracting clutter and there’s a reason for this. When working with an intense white interior like with this home, everything that isn’t white will magnify. Therefore, contrast must be carefully planned. However, in this home, the décor is designed around white with natural, rich shades. Coffee-bean brown, neutral grey, and off-white beige, are a few of the natural shades that give this home an earthy, spacious feel.

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In order to sustain this type of domicile, you should know about how your lifestyle effects certain finishes. For example, the egg-shell white wooden floor will take a lot of work to maintain its purity. The eclectic setting calls for a keen eye for ad hoc conditions just to maintain such a pristine décor.

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The splendid theme continues into the apartment’s bedroom. The baroque mirrored shabby-chic styled headboard is a masterpiece. It’s vivid, but nevertheless subdued. Walls are left bare as there is nothing else required. The room exudes elegance together with a subtle pizzazz in the right amounts. Infinitesimal details like the brass door ornament and the small desk are well balanced additions to an otherwise basic room. The antique type worn details give fabulous contrast to this fundamentally contemporary room.

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The bathroom space is filled with a number of natural materials like marble, stone, and brass. The design concept is quite interesting as the sink and mirror have been placed in front of a window. It’s quite unusual, but not unsavory. Brass bathroom fixtures cast a stunning effect complemented by an ultramodern bathroom arrangement. It’s certainly a washroom where you can pamper yourself in a spa like ambiance.

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Another intriguing construct about the entire living space in pure white is that it produces authentic surroundings. It’s not cream-white, Navajo white, or antique white, it’s stark white, whiter than white. It’s the shade that architects favor. It’s a popular shade that is as unique as a snowflake. It’s hard to go wrong with this commanding hue.

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Irrespective of the minute gradations of white, even if you prefer color, you must admit that no color looks so pure, fresh, and confident. If you desire spectacular décor, without worry about color, and you require infinite possibilities, white is the way to go!

Images: KK.no

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