What Really Happens When You Start Loving Your Body

What Really Happens When You Start Loving Your Body

Our world is covered in images of what people “should” look like: tall legs, thin figure, long hair, etc. All of these images make us look in the mirror and question our own appearance. We start to become our own worst critic and live in this negative mindset, always striving for that ideal look. Instead of always wanting to look the way society portrays, you should start to learn to love your body and appreciate what it offers you. When you begin to love your body and let the negative thoughts fade, amazing things can happen physically and mentally. Cultivate a sense of self love.

By changing that mental picture in your mind that you’ve created over the years, you no longer live in this negative mindset. When you look at yourself in the mirror, the little voice in your head thinks of how good you look rather than thoughts of exercising more or eating less. The positivity that you cultivate internally, ultimately turns to outward emotions. If you begin to radiate positivity, others will admire this trait and want to be around you more.


Once you’ve decided to love your body instead of fighting it, you’ll find that the anxiety that was present before may have subsided. You no longer think about what you have to do in order to make yourself look just right. You won’t linger on these negative or pressing remarks. You’ll learn that one day you might get to the image you once thought of but, for now, enjoying every moment you’re given is more important. Ultimately, you will sleep better knowing that you love your body and all of it.


Additionally, you will begin to eat better. Many people are emotional eaters and feed their emotions, not their bodies. This “fuel” that we give our emotions is not what our body needs. Once you stop fretting over the “what if”’ of your body image, you’ll find yourself grabbing more foods that will energize your body. Put down the pint of ice cream if it’s not serving you. Pick up a piece of fruit. This love mindset trickles down through several daily habits and routines.


If we learn to eat to energize our body, we may be more inclined to exercise more. If you find that exercising isn’t just for weight loss, but an overall body and mind benefit, you’ll learn to love every moment your in motion. Exercising can also be a social outing. Find a kickboxing class or a yoga class. This might bring you into a new social circle that builds you up for what you’re body can do, not what your body can’t do.


In the age of social media, we are surrounded with so many images of beauty and perfection; however, that idea is starting to shift. More people are learning that every “body” has an image and should be celebrated. Whether you are curvy, short, super thin, etc., there’s a community that supports you and you have to support yourself. When you practice self love, others will soon follow.

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