Toronto Church Turned Into A Dream Home

Ever wanted to own your high-rise condo in Toronto? Do you just get tired of the suburbs or living way out in the country where you are miles from everybody else? If you answer “yes” to either of those question than you need to see Natalie Chong’s home of Nest Design Studio .


If you think that this the loft of a church then you are correct! It was been retro-fitted and rated to perfectly match all your living requirements! Buy it much be stated that this gorgeous 4 loft property will cost you $2 million but hey, that’s Toronto! So as you can see, it isn’t the price that makes it special, It’s the simple fact that it is a beautiful 4 bedroom condo located in the stunning neighborhood of Westmoreland (Unit 6 Westmoreland Ave) which is subsequently located in the ravishing St. Mary the Virgin Anglican Church which was first established in 1913 (according to Heritage Ontario)


The property features classic wooden columns, original brick masonry and original style gothic windows and much much more! You can buy this condo already furnished until you have your own personal furniture.

If you have an extra $2 million kicking around and you want a nice townhouse in downtown Toronto, then we would highly recommend that you at least check out these beautiful loft properties! While it would be nice to have a backyard (everybody wants one) you get one of the neatest properties your friends and family (especially if they are from the suburbs or the country) ever seen!

If heritage screams your name than we highly suggest that your jump in a car or jump on a boat or a plane and make your way as quick as a possible to the beautiful, sunny Toronto, and most importantly, you new home!

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