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treehouse style bunk bed

Yes! It is true. Bunk Beds are definitely back in fashion. The bunk beds which had come into existence to maximize the use of space have evolved into a much loved bed style over the years. The structure of bunk bed has undergone a complete transformation from the military style steel bunk beds to the stylish wooden bunk beds we see today. The choice of buying a bunk bed has become ever so difficult with the increase in the types of bunk beds. When you are planning to buy a bunk bed for your kid’s room, there are various aspects that you need to consider. Check this collection of 10 cool bunk beds.

Image: Treehouse bed by Kid’s room.

A truly unique bed in the style of a tree-house- bedtime doesn’t need to be boring anymore! This mid-sleeper bed has a panel-effect roof and front, and a wooden slanted ladder with an attached rope to appeal to a boy’s sense of adventure. This bed also includes a wooden clip-on table, as well as a 4-hook panel for extra storage of coats, clothes and bags. This bed is a real boy’s den, and is sure to be the envy of their friends!

bunk bed with slide

Bunk bed with slide by Woodland. Children love bunk beds or loft beds with slide, swinging rope, crane and more. Under the upper bunk of a loft or bunk bed there is a lot of space for a play shop,hammock or desk. With slide getting up in the morning will be more fun.

modern italian bunk bed

Bunky bunk bed with great design by Magis.

sipersei kids room

Seipersei kids room by Siloma.

top bunk bed

With its clever design, beauty and timeless elegance, AMBERintheSKY wins people’s hearts wherever it is seen.
Its low height gives this bunk bed and especially sleek appearance.

trropical surf shack bed

Surf Shack Bunk Bed as they shimmy up the ladder or zoom down the slide. This tropical tree house theme bed features real bamboo, thatching, and palm tree inspired leaves to create the ultimate island experience.

amaziing kids room with bunk beds

I love this kids room design by Tim Barder.

Kids are often our most difficult clients to please! Why, you ask? Because we are up against unbridled creativity. So, we are forced to regress. Think like a child – like anything is possible if you can dream it. Dressers that open to reveal secret passage ways, hidden play-lofts in ceilings, beds tucked into alcoves, chalkboard hallways and headboards that double as toy chests. These are a few of our favorite things. Don’t we wish all our clients let us think like kids!

Tradewins Doll House Wood Loft Bunk Bed

 Tradewins Doll House Wood Loft Bunk Bed. This ultra-feminine bedroom is the perfect refuge for a petite princess. The unique bunk bed offers plenty of storage space for toys.

contemporary lloft beds

Contemporary loft beds designed by Design Fab. Look at the space they save by being up high on the wall.

white modern bunk bed

The elegant Perch bunk bed is the perfect centerpiece for any childs room. Its compact footprint leaves plenty of room for play and additional furnishings. The versatile Perch easily separates into a loft bed and a standalone twin, giving many configuration options.

Size of the Room

Even though bunk beds are a fun addition to your girl’s room, it is essential to know the space available before you buy the bed. There are different types of bunk beds available in the market, some with stairs, some with ladders and drawers. Each and every one of them has a space requirement for easy maneuvering. It is important to leave some walking space around the bed to ensure your children’s safety.

Type of Bunk Bed

The modern bunk beds come in various types to meet the needs of customers. You should evaluate the needs of your daughter before you decide on a type. The types of bunk beds include metal bunk beds, wooden bunk beds, loft bunk beds, futon bunk beds and themed bunk beds. Among the themed bunk beds, the castle bunk beds are quite popular with girls. Bunk beds, when combined with the right room accessories, fulfill the dream of your girl to live like a princess. You can also choose dollhouse themed bunk bed for a toy themed girl’s room. The wooden and loft bunk beds have a more practical use for storage and extra space.

Safety Details

It is essential to ensure that the bunk bed you choose follows all the safety guidelines. The top bunk should have guardrails of at least 5 inch height. The opening for entrance of the top bunk should not be more than 15 inches. The mattress for the bunk bed should never be too large or too small to avoid injury. The ladder used to enter the top bunk should be sturdy. You should see to it that the top bunk should be occupied by the elder child. The ladder or stairs may be a bit difficult to negotiate for toddlers and there may be risk of fall.

The reason for you to buy a bunk bed may be either to adorn your girl’s room or to keep up with latest trends in kid’s furniture or just giving in to your daughter’s wishes. The choice of the right bunk bed should be based on correct information and evaluation. Make sure you spend time in evaluating your daughter’s needs and choosing the perfect bunk bed. When you make an informed choice, you not only ensure your daughter’s safety and happiness but also make a long term profitable investment. Do not let the different types of bunk beds confuse you. Just think of your girl’s delight and you would surely make the perfect choice.

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  1. Was wondering how much a bunk bed cost (the pirate ship one) and if your company can ship it overseas. Just curious. I have two toddlers a boy and girl and this would keep them in their room for some time.


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