The Perfect House Decor To Have In The Festive Season

Home With Christmas Spirit

Christmas is all about celebrating time with family as well as loved ones. And no one knows this better than Henriette Heegaard; the weeks leading to Christmas are quite busy for her, as it involves transforming her usual Danish cottage to an American log styled cabin deep in the heart of the mountains. Read on below to appreciate the marvelous work of art that’s a real masterpiece of ingenuity.

The walls of the house in general as white just as the snow outside, with remarkable hunting trophies, hung on the walls for display. In addition to this, the fireplace is lit, and there is a supply of timber to keep the flames burning as long as possible, the living room is a marvel to behold. The sofas seem timeless with the beauty of stripped cushions that add a touch of class, coupled up with the antique in the form of the chandelier to the candle holders as well as the stools and poufs that give it a vintage feel. More importantly, the wooden floor is rustic and covered with carpets of different colors that show the mastery of interior décor prowess.

Home With Christmas Spirit 2

The kitchen itself is nothing less than spectacular. The dark top boards that serve as working tables, highly illustrate the contrast in the most important rooms in the house. Where all the goodies of the house are prepared. More importantly, the buffet table displays bottles of wine, home baked cake as well as everything required to make a festival season memorable and worth reliving deep in your memory lane.

Home With Christmas Spirit 3 Home With Christmas Spirit 4

The Christmas tree seems to take center stage, with its dark green color that sends a message of liveliness in the setting. The teddy bears under it serve to show the children that they can play at that spot whenever they please.

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If you happen to get an invite to such a house, you would be more than delighted to get an invitation net festive season. Last but not least the environment surrounding the house is nothing short of perfection. The mountains that surround the place, the trees and the snow cover truly make you feel it’s Christmas and a time to share in the spirit of togetherness with either family or friends.

Images: Livsstil

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